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The genocidal, fascist AKP-MHP government has been carrying out an occupation attack against the Medya Defense Zones for 13 days now. Its goal is to crush the Kurdish Freedom Movement and finalize its policy of genocide. The HPG and YJA STAR guerrillas are putting up a historic resistance against this genocidal and fascist attack. From the very beginning of the attacks until now, the guerrilla has been dealing one blow after another to the occupying forces. It is waging a war against the genocidal attacks – a war for the existence and free life of the Kurdish people. We would like to commemorate our friends who have fallen martyr during the `Hawks of Zagros` and `Xabur War` offensive. And we would like to congratulate all guerrillas and their commanders – who are walking in the footsteps of our commander Agit and all martyrs – on their success. We strongly believe in the success of their struggle and send them our greetings full of love.

This resistance is also a call on the whole Kurdish people and all political forces to protect Kurdistan together. The current resistance is not only about the protection of North and South Kurdistan, but of Kurdistan as a whole. It constitutes the resistance for freedom and democracy of all peoples in the Middle East.

In the middle of World War III that has been going on in the Middle East, the enemies of the Kurds – especially the genocidal and fascist Turkish state – are attacking all Kurdish gains and positions in order to prevent them from achieving a free and democratic life. During all world wars, attacks on the existence of certain peoples have always been carried out. Now during World War III, it is the goal of certain forces to carry out a genocide against the Kurdish people. With its policy and practical measures the fascist AKP-MHP government proves how much it insists on finalizing the Kurdish genocide. The Kurds are waging a fight for survival against these genocidal attacks. They are confronted with colonialist and genocidal attacks not only in North Kurdistan and the Medya Defense Zones but in all parts of Kurdistan. Therefore, it is the duty of all Kurds today to join hands and defend Kurdistan together.

The attack of the Turkish state on the Medya Defense Zones is an attack on the whole Kurdish people. This is why the ongoing resistance against the attack is a resistance to protect this people as a whole. Therefore, the resistance needs to become a national resistance for survival led by all Kurds. If the Kurds fail to acknowledge this characteristic of the attack and resistance they will make a historic mistake. The results would be devastating for all parts of Kurdistan. We agree with our friend Murat Karayılan, commander of the guerrilla forces: The purpose of this resistance is the defense of all of Kurdistan. All patriotic forces need to live up to their historic responsibility and join the resistance.

The guerrilla represents the dignity of the whole Kurdish people. It is putting up a huge resistance. Every guerrilla dedicates her/his life to Kurdistan and the Kurdish people. Of course, the Kurdish people will look out for their children since they are the ones who have won dignity for their people. The genocidal forces will therefore be defeated by the resistance of the guerrilla and the uprising of the people. No force will be able to stand against the unified struggle of the guerrilla and the people. Through its unified resistance with the guerrilla our people will make a free Kurdistan and a democratic Middle East a reality.

The heroic resistance of the guerrilla in all parts of the Medya Defense Zones is not only supported by the Kurdish people, but also by the huge enthusiasm and sympathy of the peoples and democratic forces of this world. Already during the first week of its resistance, the guerrilla has won the love and respect of all of humanity.

This resistance has gained the Freedom Movement and the whole Kurdish people huge respect. In the name of our people and our Freedom Movement, we would like to greet all our guerrilla fighters who have gained us this respect and wish them the continuation of their success.

05 May 2021


KCK Executive Council