By Greta Sykes published on 30 March 2020

The defeat of Gilgamesh

Enheduanna, High Priestess in the city of Ur, tells the story of Inanna, Goddess of love and war and the hero Gilgamesh. It is the year 2450 BC. Inanna’s grandmother, the Goddess Ishtar, determines that Inanna must rescue the privileges and high status of women and sends her on a voyage together with a friend and a eunuch. A near death experience leaves Inanna wounded and weak. In the town of Kish they learn that one of the great heroes at the time, Gilgamesh, has acquired fame and notoriety, leaving the citizens of Uruk bewildered and helpless. Together with the High Priestess Nin of Kish, they figure out a plan to bring about his downfall. The revenge of his mother nearly cost them their lives.