Dear Women and Friends,

 On 12 November 2016, at 08.30 am, Turkish state security forces circumvented the KJA (Kongreya Jinen Azad – Free Women’s Congress) center in Diyarbakir and at 11.00 am, based on a statutory decree article issued under the State of Emergency rule, Turkey’s Ministry of Interior has suspended the KJA activities, and sealed and shut down its building.  

 KJA has been raided 4 times by the Turkish police forces in the past 6 months. During the last raid, its member registration book and minute/decision book were seized.

 These state assaults on us women will never discourage us! We have been waging the women’s freedom struggle for 40 years now. With our democratic, ecological and women liberationist paradigm, we the women are strongly present in every sphere of life, in each house, in each village, in each town and city.

We know by heart that when the male dominated mentality brutally attacks the women’s struggle, it is because they are threatened by it. And male dominated AKP mentality; you should indeed be afraid of us! We belong to the women’s struggle tradition of Sakine Cansız (massacred in Paris in 2013), which resisted the fascist military coup of 12 September 1980. You will never manage to confine us to our homes. You cannot suppress our struggle by shutting KJA down!

 This seal on the KJA building is a dark seal of shame and disgrace imprinted by AKP-Erdoğan on the political history of Turkey.

 As KJA, we will not step back. We are angrier and more organised than yesterday now. It is our promise to our people who have paid enormous prices and to all women that, we will continue our resistance with escalating determination and steadfastness!

 With Solidarity!

 Jin, Jiyan, Azadi!