Rojava administration responds to exclusion from Riyadh talks

We received this statement from the Coordinating body of the Democratic Self-Administration of Rojava about this week’s talks in Riyadh which convened the ‘Syrian opposition’ – but excluded Kurdish representation of the PYD, TEV-DEM or the coalition of Syrian Democratic Forces:

Public Statement Regarding the Riyadh Conference

After nearly five years of suffering, hundred thousands of victims and rivers of blood in Syria, a Syrian opposition conference is held in Riyadh between 8th and 10th of December, 2015. Countries participants in the Vienna conference wanted to take the initiative and reunite the dispersed Syrian opposition in a balanced delegation to negotiate directly with the Syrian regime to put an end to this bloody war and to reach a peaceful solution to the Syrian dilemma. It was supposed that there will be interference in neither the work of the Preparatory Committee nor the host country and that the various opposition blocs invited are free to choose their delegations after the number of participants has been identified. Continue reading “Rojava administration responds to exclusion from Riyadh talks”

Civaka Azad Press Release: Initiative for a Democratic Syria

Civaka Azad

Press Release 23 June 2014

Initiative for a Democratic Syria

Start of a Kurdish initiative for democratic transformation in Syria on the basis of unity and plurality – Discussions with the Syrian National Council (SNC) in Istanbul – Discussions with representatives of the Assyrians and of the National Coordination Committee for Democratic Transformation of Syrian Forces (CNCD) in Syria – Discussions with the Kurdish National Council of Syria (KNC – ENKS) – further discussions with various opposition groups and individuals from Syria in Europe.

The Initiative, for a democratic transformation on the basis of unity and diversity, was introduced to the public in Qamislo (Al-Qamishli) on 8 May 2014, at a press conference where a foundation text outlining its principles was presented. These principles are the basis for discussions with progressive opposition groups on the future of Syria.

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Urgent plea to President Barack Obama

Peace in Kurdistan patron Margaret Owen OBE has written an open letter to US President Barack Obama, urging him to make an urgent investigation into the brutal massacre and kidnapping of hundreds of Kurdish men, women and children at the hands of US- and Turkey-backed Al-Qaeda affiliates in Syria.

In the letter she reminds President Obama that Western Kurdistan had, until recent provocations, remained peaceful under the leadership of the PYD and had become a safe haven for many Syrian’s fleeing violence in the worn-torn country. Turkish anxieties over the new project of democratic autonomy in Western Kurdistan should not justify the international community’s indifference to the massacre of innocent Kurdish civilians.
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PYD: Stop massacres of Kurdish civilians in Syria

Statement by the Diplomatic and Foreign Affairs Committee of the PYD in Europe:

Appeal to the International Community to protect multi-ethnic communities in Syria.

 We the Kurdish political Parties, organisations and Community members in exile earnestly call International Community to protect the civilians – Kurds, Arabs and other Syrian multi-ethnicities, Assyrians, Armenians, Christians – against the brutal ethnic cleansing attacks taking place against the peacefully co- existing ethnicities in the Kurdish region in Syria.

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Emergency call to the world from Northern Syria


A-Beginning of the Resistance in Syria and Establishment of Autonomous Regional Administration

More than two years ago -on 15 March 2011- when some students in Daraa wrote the slogans about the Arab Spring on the walls Syrian government responded so violently that the resistance and conflicts are still going on for all this time.

The anti-democratic, human rights violating, oppressive and dangerous political attitudes of Syrian regime resulted in Syrian people’s rebellion. This rebellion which is supported by all parts of the society against the oppressions was already started by Kurds in Kurdish Region of northern Syria in 2004. Then the rebellion was started in Qamishli and spread over all other Kurdish cities. Unfortunately during the 13 days of the rebellion 37 Kurdish young activists were killed and hundreds of them were arrested by Syrian Army.

Seven years after the rebellion in Kurdish Region the democratic and peaceful demonstrations started in Syria again in 2011. Syrian regime chose the violent response once more and the demonstration areas were targeted by Syrian Army. As a result thousands of people were shot and killed. After the violent response, demonstrations turned into an armed struggle. The leftist groups in Syria started to attend the Free Syrian Army and chose to fight back the violence from Syrian government. However the organized Kurdish society chose neither the Syrian regime nor the armed struggle but as a third option chose the democratic and peaceful way.

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News briefing from the PYD Foreign Affairs Office

Below we reproduce the latest news briefing from the Foreign Affairs office of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) of Syria:

Briefing News and Activities 3-6 September 2012, in Western Kurdistan
The People’s Council of Western Kurdistan condemning the brutal massacre in Sheikh Maqsoud neighbourhood, Kurdish populated area in Aleppo.

The People’s council of Western Kurdistan condemned the massacre on 6 September 2012 committed by Syrian brutal air craft bombardment and shelling the Kurdish populated Sheikh Maqsoud neighbourhood in Aleppo targeting civilians Kurdish people resulting in killings of 21 civilians and more than 45 civilians wounded, among them children and women most of the victims were from Afrin, where the victims were buried in a mass demonstration condemning the killings and chanted to protect the Kurdish region from the violence. Continue reading “News briefing from the PYD Foreign Affairs Office”

News briefing from the PYD foreign affairs office


The weekly briefing news from Media and Foreign affairs office of the PYD.

The continuation of Syrian crisis reveal that Syria has become an arena for regional and international conflicts after militarizing and Islamizing the popular and peaceful revolution for dignity and freedom. The regime has chosen to use the military and security as a tool to suppress and eradicate the revolution resulted in such a situation. The international and regional interventions are clear to the extent that war in Syria is labeled as a representative war on behalf of regional and international powers. This fact makes us realize how dangerous the situation is in Syria. The ambiguous future which awaits Syria after the expected fall down of the regime made the whole world worried about and planning for that day. What makes it worse is existence of Islamist extremist groups and all armed manifestations. Continue reading “News briefing from the PYD foreign affairs office”