STUC supports Kurdish hunger strikers – report/press release

STUC supports Kurdish hunger strikers – report/press release

From the beginning, and the mention of Welsh Kurdish hunger striker Imam Sis in

Lynn Henderson’s presidential opening speech, the Kurds featured prominently at

this week’s Scottish Trade Union Congress.

An emergency motion, brought by Aberdeen Trades Council, whose secretary, Fiona

Napier, has visited the Kurdish hunger strikers in Strasbourg, mandated the STUC

General Council to show concrete support for the hunger strikers, and their demand

that Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan be allowed his basic human right to visits by

his family and his lawyer, by writing to the Council of Europe (of which Turkey is a

member), the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture, and the UK foreign

Minister, as well as informing trade unionists about the hunger strike and

encouraging supportive actions. Continue reading “STUC supports Kurdish hunger strikers – report/press release”

Tommy Sheppard MP attends Scottish solidarity demo

This weekend Scottish Solidarity with Kurdistan held a demonstration in central Edinburgh to protest continuing attacks by the Turkish military on Kurdish cities and civilians.

The group delivered a letter to the Turkish Consul, which expresses concern for the women and children killed since last summer and calls for the Turkish government to end the curfews in Kurdish towns. The letter was signed by several other union members, Scottish Green party members and activists.  Continue reading “Tommy Sheppard MP attends Scottish solidarity demo”

Scottish delegation to Kurdistan calls for peace process to be renewed

Scottish Solidarity with Kurdistan, led by Peace in Kurdistan Campaign’s trade union liaison officer Stephen Smellie and student activists Roza Salih organised a fact-finding delegation to north Kurdistan in September to speak with representatives of the HDP, IHD, KESK and DISK trade unions among others. Here are their findings and recommendations.

Scottish Solidarity with Kurdistan

Delegation visit to Diyarbakir, North Kurdistan/South East Turkey September 2015.

The delegation consisted of Sarah Collins, Viv Thompson and Stephen Smellie of UNISON and Roza Salih and Paul Toner of Scottish Solidarity with Kurdistan. We were in Diyarbakir from 21 to 25 September and met with a number of organisations and individuals. These included the Human Rights Association, Free Women’s Assembly, Rojava Association, KESK (public sector trade unions), DISK (private sector trade unions), Democratic Society Congress, HDP MPs, Ezidi refugees from Shengal and the refugee camp organisers. We spoke to people who had been at the HDP rally in Diyarbakir in June which had been bombed, including one woman who had lost both legs in the bomb blast. We also spoke to trade unionists who were organising and attending the ‘Labour, Peace and Democracy’ demonstration in Ankara on 10 June which was targeted by 2 suicide bombers and where over 100 people were killed. Continue reading “Scottish delegation to Kurdistan calls for peace process to be renewed”