14 years too long: “Freedom for Ocalan!”

This text is from a leaflet orginially published by International Initiative – Peace in Kurdistan. It can be downloaded as a pdf here so that copies can be printed for distribution at meetings, protests and other such actions.

Freedom for Ocalan leafletFreedom for Abdullah Öcalan

Who is Abdullah Öcalan?
Millions of Kurds regard Abdullah Öcalan as their political representative. About 3.5 million Kurds have testified this in a signature campaign in 2006. He is the most important exponent of their struggle for cultural rights and democracy and has become a symbol for the freedom of the Kurds. Öcalan opposes separatism and secessionism and stands for a democratic Middle East with all the peoples having equal rights which he has put forward as his perspective for a solution. A worldwide signature campaign for his freedom was recently launched.

Tireless peace efforts
Since 1993, Öcalan has been trying to create conditions that are suitable for a peaceful solution of the conflict. Even after his illegal abduction and imprisonment in 1999, he has remained a consistent advocate of a peaceful, political solution. From 2006 to 2011 he led talks with the Turkish government for a political solution to the conflict. In 2009 he presented his “Road Map for Negotiations”. In July 2011 Erdogan terminated the talks, only to restart them in November 2012 after much bloodshed and a huge hunger strike by political prisoners.

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Karayılan: We have no doubt the Turkish state was involved

Translated from Turkish original (short text version), London 1 Feb. 2013


22 January 2013

BEHDİNAN – KCK Executive Council President Murat Karayılan said they had no doubt that the Turkish state was behind the murder of three Kurdish women activists in Paris, adding that it was “highly likely” the attack had been carried out along the lines of the Green Ergenekon integration strategy.

Karayılan stated there were two possibilities as regards which forces were behind the murders of PKK founder member Sakine Cansız, KNK Paris representative Fidan Doğan and youth movement member Leyla Söylemez on 9 January. Karayılan said it was highly likely that the attack had been carried out by Green Ergenekon forces as part of their plans to liquidate the leaders of the Kurdish movement. He added that the second possibility was that the Ergenekon deep state structure had carried out the attack without the knowledge of the government together with the NATO Gladio.  Karayılan also made assessments of the latest developments in Syria.

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New international campaign for Adem Uzun launched

Peace in Kurdistan campaign, along with Campaign Against Criminalising Communities (CAMPACC), is pleased to support this new international campaign launched by the EUTCC calling for the release of Adem Uzun:





The international community while waiting for creative dynamics in context with the complicated Turkish-Kurdish dialogue at the same time Mr. Adem Uzun as one of the ARCHITECTS
OF KURDISH DIPLOMACY is arrested in Paris.

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Statement from the KCK Executive Council


The Turkish press and the media, within the framework of psychological war, recently almost every day publish news and have debates about our movement. All of the news and discussions are conscious manipulation of the activity of a psychological war. In this context, the expressions used in the news; “the PKK, will withdraw its forces on such a date”, “there are negotiations at such a place,” or even, “some number of groups to lay down arms” are surely false news and have nothing to do with reality.

We, as the executive council of the movement, commented on the talks between our leader and the state and outlined a clear stance.  We have stated that we support our leader, on behalf of the movement and people and to represent our movement in the talks. Continue reading “Statement from the KCK Executive Council”

New edition of the Spokesman on the Kurdish Question in Turkey – out now



Spokesman 119: The Kurdish Question in Turkey

Edited by Tony Simpson

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Ayse Berktay has been locked up in a Turkish prison since October 2011. She and some 200 others are, periodically, before Turkey’s Tribunal with Special Powers as part of the ‘KCK trials’. KCK stands for Kurdish Communities Union, which the Turkish government has labelled a ‘terrorist’ organisation, although the actual basis for this draconian claim is not at all clear.

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Time for justice and a roadmap towards reconciliation


20 February 2013, The Law Society, London


In the early 1990’s the Turkish authorities were responsible for the wholesale destruction of over 3,000 villages in South
East Turkey, together with many other human rights violations against a Kurdish minority of some 20 million people.
Nearly 20 years later, and despite numerous judgments of the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR), very few of the
perpetrators have been brought to justice. Much international criticism is also still focused on Turkey’s failure to address
the need to respect the cultural and language rights of the Kurdish people, and the “Kurdish Problem” remains one of the
greatest challenges faced by Turkey in its efforts to become an effective modern democracy with appropriate respect for
human rights, due process, and the rule of law. Continue reading “Time for justice and a roadmap towards reconciliation”

“Killings must not present challenge to peace process” – Sheehan

For immediate release: Wednesday 23rd January 2013

Sinn Féin MLA and Middle East spokesperson Pat Sheehan has stated that the killing of three Kurdish women who were involved in the independence movement must be thoroughly investigated.

Speaking today Mr Sheean said: “The tragic murder of three prominent female Kurdish activists, Sakine Cansız, Fidan Dogan and Leyla Şoylemez has caused distress and concern across the Kurdish community and left the Kurdish diaspora shocked.

“Sinn Féin expresses our sympathies to the families of those who were killed.

“There are wider concerns surrounding the impact of these killings on the establishment of a peace process in the Kurdish conflict. Despite the challenges that this situation presents the peace process must be given the chance to be explored and to take hold on the basis of an inclusive process involving the Turkish Government and representatives of the Kurdish people.”

Join the Friends of Adem Uzun!

A new initiative by Peace in Kurdistan Campaign and Campaign Against Criminalising Communities (CAMPACC) UK unites members of parliament, lawyers, journalists, political commentators and activists in a common cause, to demonstrate support for detained Kurdish politician Adem Uzun and demand his release from prison.

We have already collected dozens of signatures but we need more! To add your name to the growing list, please email ‘I would like to join the Friends of Adem Uzun’ to [email protected] with your name, profession and organisation as appropriate and we will add you.



The Kurdish politician Adem Uzun was arrested in France on 6 October 2012. Having been denied bail, Adem remains in detention awaiting a trial which could be months away.

Adem Uzun is a prominent activist working to achieve peace through the resumption of negotiations between Turkey and the Kurds. A leading politician with the Kurdistan National Congress, KNK, Adem is well-known to anyone involved in the Kurdish issue, especially in the European Parliament, and has been one of the main Kurdish negotiators in the so-called “Oslo Process” with high-level Turkish Government’s representatives. Continue reading “Join the Friends of Adem Uzun!”

International Peace Initiative Welcomes News of Negotiations between the Turkish State and Abdullah Öcalan


Issued: 9th January 2013

For Immediate Release


The International Peace Initiative welcomes the positives steps that have been recently taken by the Turkish State to resume talks with PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan, in the wake of a joint call in December, led by Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu and supported by other leading international figures, for a Resumption of Dialogue between Turkey and Öcalan, for a lasting and peaceful settlement of the Kurdish issue in Turkey.

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EUTCC: In memory of our friends

Issued: 10 January, 2013

For immediate release



It was with shock and grief we received the horrible news about the deaths of our dear friends who were massacred in Paris today in the most grotesque way. Sakine Canziz, the co-founder of the PKK in 1978 holds a crucial role in the party. Fidan Dogan (Rojbin), a Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) member from Paris, has also been working closely alongside the EUTCC for many years and her work has been very important to our international work for the Kurds.

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