Seminar on Turkey, the Kurdish Struggle and the New Middle East

The significance of the continuing Kurdish struggle for the future of Turkey and the Middle East as well as its implications for politics in Britain were issues on the agenda at the Marxism 2012 conference and festival which took place in central London on 5-9 July.

A seminar, organised by the Peace in Kurdistan Campaign as part of the Marxism 2012 programme on 7th July, brought into focus the plight of Kurdish activists within Turkey and drew attention to the key democratic demands of the Kurdish movement.

Turkey, recognised as a key ally of the West in the reshaping of the Middle East in the aftermath of the “Arab Spring”, was currently stepping up its repression of Kurdish organisations; arrests of political and civil society activists were increasing and draconian legal manoeuvres were being taken against the main pro-Kurdish political party, the Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) in an orchestrated attempt to render it incapable of operating effectively. The resilience of the Kurdish people in the face of decades of savage repression was widely seen as inspirational by participants in the seminar. Continue reading “Seminar on Turkey, the Kurdish Struggle and the New Middle East”

Kurdish Supplementary School opens in Islington

We are pleased to bring you news that the Kurdish Supplementary School in Islington (KSSI) will start this Sunday.

Please circulate this information to the Kurdish and non-Kurdish parents who might be interested in it . The Kurdish Supplementary School is open to pupils from school age of 5/11 years. KSSI is run by London Kurdish Institute, funded by Cambridge Education @ Islington

KSSI aims to raise attainment levels of pupils in Literacy, Numeracy and Mother Tongue. These courses will be run 3 hours on Sunday, as requested by the parents.  We will teach Mathematics, Kur dish (Kurmanji) and Traditional Kurdish Dance Classes (free of charge).  Mother Tongue will be taught in the way in which children can enjoy it. Children will have fun and learn Kurdish through stories, drawing, painting, carton films, drama, talking and playing. Continue reading “Kurdish Supplementary School opens in Islington”

Event: The KCK prosecutions and resisting Kurdish Politics

Peace Council: Britain along with the Kurdish Studies and Student Organisation are holding a seminar next week, called ‘The KCK prosecutions and resisting Kurdish Politics’.

The panel will focus on the on-going KCK prosecutions in Turkey which have seen the arrest and prosecution of thousands of Kurdish politicians, lawyers, deputies, counsellors, human rights activists, academics, journalists and many more members of civil society organisations. Continue reading “Event: The KCK prosecutions and resisting Kurdish Politics”

Come to Trafalgar Square and show your support for the Kurdish hunger strikers!

Twenty Kurdish activists in London began a hunger strike yesterday, Wednesday 14 March at 8am in Trafalgar Square. The action, organised by Fedbir, the Kurdish Federation UK, will continue until the 17th of March, in parallel with similar actions which have been taking place within Turkey and across Europe.

They need your support! Come down to Trafalgar Square to show solidarity for the hundreds of activists on hunger strike, as well as the thousands of political prisoners in Turkey!


Organised by Fedbir, Kurdish Federation UK.
For further information, contact:, 0207 272 4131 or
M Aksoy: 07506 702 697

Kurdish political activists begin hunger strike in London

View a statement on the hunger strike by Kurdish Federation UK: London hunger strike activists state their demands


For immediate release


Several Kurdish activists in London will begin a five-day hunger strike Wednesday 14 March at 8am, in protest against increasing repression in Turkey. Continue reading “Kurdish political activists begin hunger strike in London”