The Peace and Democracy Conference to meet in Brussels

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Declaration to the press and public:

During the historic process that we are going through, an opportunity for a lasting peace has been created that lays the foundation for a free and democratic future for all our peoples. This period marks a turning point for the future for everyone.

We believe that the achievement of an enduring democracy is a common demand of everyone. In this context, we believe that all people, regardless of their ethnic origins, religion, language, culture, history and class positions, will carry out their historic responsibilities.

The peoples living in Europe who can trace their origins to Turkey and Kurdistan are a fundamental part of this process.

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EUTCC calls for the release of Yilmaz Orkan

27 March, 2013

Press release: for immediate release

The deputy head of the Confederation of Kurdish Associations in Europe (KON-KURD) and a member of KNK, Mr. Yilmaz Orkan, were arrested yesterday morning at the Zaventem airport in Brussels by Belgian police on behalf of their Spanish colleagues.

Yilmaz Orkan was on his way to Tunisia and the World Social Forum (WSF) which provides a platform that enables encounters between women and the men who struggle to build democracy, equality for all, solidarity, justice and peace, to protect the environment and commons. Orkan’s work, his diplomatic efforts and lobbying for a peaceful solution to the Kurdish question are well known to the European Parliament, the European Council and the international community. It seems that despite the ongoing political peace talks between Mr. Abdullah Öcalan and the Turkish government, dark political forces swipe Europe. Orkan’s arrest is just another attempt to curry favor to the campaign against the PKK and its so-called “terrorism” in Europe. The arrest of Yilmaz Orkan follows the case of the imprisoned Kurdish diplomat Adem Uzun who was detained in Paris October 2012. Continue reading “EUTCC calls for the release of Yilmaz Orkan”

KON-KURD condemns arrest of Yilmaz Orkan


Press Release: for immediate release, 27 March 2013

We condemn the arrest of Mr Yilmaz Orkan, the vice president of the Confederation of Kurdish Associations in Europe (KON-KURD) which has 12 federations and 165 associations in Europe, Australia, and Canada. Mr Orkan is a deputy head for the last three years and also a member of the Kurdish National Congress (KNK). Mr Orkan was detained on 24 March 2013 in the Zaventem Airport/Brussels and then put in Belgium Forest Prison by the Belgian police at the request of Spain’s National Court. Mr Orkan was on his way to Tunisia to attend to the World Social Forum 2013.

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Support the Kurdish hunger strikers!

Sign the petition to the Secretary General of the Council of Europe!

Peace in Kurdistan is supporting the international on-line petition to demand justice for Kurdish political prisoners. Click here to sign the petition.

Around 400 political prisoners in Turkey began an indefinite hunger strike to demand justice for Abdullah Ocalan and to raise awareness of the continued persecution of the Kurds in Turkey. Just a few weeks later, solidarity actions by hundreds more are taking place across prisons in Turkey and in Europe by Kurdish activists.

You will find information on the origins of the strike, the demands, letters from imprisoned hunger strikers in this information file, which we have made available for download (pdf). You can also read an interview with Fuad Kav, a Kurdish journalist and writer who is participating in the hunger strike in Strasbourg. Continue reading “Support the Kurdish hunger strikers!”

Thousands descend on Strasbourg to demand freedom for Ocalan

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Strasbourg city of France witnessed on Saturday the greatest 15 February protest of the last 13 years.

Sixty thousand people from many countries in Europe have demanded freedom for the Kurdish leader of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) Abdullah Ocalan Öcalan and status for Kurdish people. Ocalan is serving a life prison term in Turkey. ANF news agency reported. Continue reading “Thousands descend on Strasbourg to demand freedom for Ocalan”

Urgent Appeal from the Kurdish Freedom Marchers

The following is a statement issued by KON-KURD and the Organising Committee for the Long March. To see further updates on Freedom March, which is now nearing its destination in Strasbourg, you can follow their blog.

“The 420 km long march us Kurdish intellectuals living in Europe began on the 1st of February from Geneva under the demand of “Political status for Kurdistan and freedom for Abdullah Ocalan” is continuing despite the worst winter for 25 years. Continue reading “Urgent Appeal from the Kurdish Freedom Marchers”

Kurdish Freedom March braves freezing weather in name of justice


The Kurdish Freedom March, which began outside the UN High Commission for Refugees in Geneva last week, has reached Basel on Day 9 of the long journey to the EU Parliament in Strasbourg. Below you can read an update of the last few days, and the messages of support that have been received from European members of Parliament:

“From the UN to the EU

The march that started in Geneva under the slogan of “Freedom for Ocalan, Political Status for Kurdish People” has reached Nyon. It is worth seeing the enthusiasm of the Kurdish people even in colds of -3 degrees.    Continue reading “Kurdish Freedom March braves freezing weather in name of justice”

KON-KURD march through Europe

On 31st January 2012 the Confederation of Kurdish Associations in Europe (KON-KURD) begun a general march in Europe with the slogan “We are on the Road for Our Existence and Freedom!”. The Long March protests the prison
conditions of the Kurdish Leader Mr. Abdullah Ocalan, who is a key person to the solution of the Kurdish question. The Long March for Freedom started at the United Nations headquarters in Geneva and will end in Strasbourg on the 18 of February. You can follow updates on the march at the Kurdish Freedom March blog. Continue reading “KON-KURD march through Europe”