A Powerful Turkish Cinematic Condemnation of State-organized Genocide

Film-Review; Gelecek Uzun Sűrer (2011/Turkey)/ The Future Lasts Forever, Written and directed by Őzcan Alper

British Gala Night; 24th February 2012, 7.30 pm. at the Cineworld, Wood Green, London.


Professor Hovhannes I. Pilikian

Someone high-up at the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism must be an enlightened Soul and more of a Democrat than any of the Eurocrats, having subsidized this film by Őzcan Alper.  May that highly evolved Soul become a Prime Minster of a truly democratic Turkey one day, proud of its multi-ethnic constituents rather than the ridiculous ultra-nationalist mantra – “Proud is the Man who is a Turk” nonsense – sang throughout schools in Turkey under the portrait of an Atatűrk framed with Crescent flags.  Continue reading “A Powerful Turkish Cinematic Condemnation of State-organized Genocide”