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Suna Alan – Hope Is Closer

Illustrated by Hannah Kirmes-DalySuna Alan: Musician, human rights activist, journalist, feminist. Her repertoire of folk songs spans a rich cultural heritage and includes Kurdish, Turkish, Greek and Armenian songs. She uses her music to raise awareness of Kurdish issues and give another side of the story beyond politics. As a journalist and an activist she has published stories of Yazidi Kurdish women abused by Daesh, and she has written a song to raise awareness of this issue through music.



Oh mother, I can’t hear your voice
Oh mother, I have fallen into a deep well, a dark well, give a voice!

Life was dark, freedom was far away, I was wounded oh mother
Life was dark, freedom was far away, death was better oh mother

Far away, far away, far away your eyes!
Far away, far away, far away your eyes!

Oh mother, I woke up from a dream
The sound of your voice and your laughter are in my ears

I am Nadia, I am your gazelle
I am the red poppy of Shingal.
I was a happy child; I grew up in happiness

Closer, your voice is closer; closer, hope is closer
Closer, your eyes are closer; closer, a bright future is closer


Following our published piece, this illustration was turned into the official video for the song Nadia.

Piece written by: Harriet Paintin

Illusrated by: Hannah Kirmes-Daly


There are so many incredible kick-ass women in the world, stepping up, speaking out and inspiring others with the work they do. Many who are visible, and many who are not. With this project we want to highlight grassroots female role models. So we want to hear from you! Who are the women in your life who makes you think, ‘yeah thats possible’! Women who have started businesses, projects, are fighting for a cause, are making their voices heard. Send us a photo and a small story celebrating the role model in your life to and we will turn this into an illustrated piece!

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