Vasiliki Scurfield, mother of Erik Konstandinos Scurfield who was martyred in battle while fighting alongside the YPG in Kobane, has launched a signature campaign and is pushing for 100,000 signatures so that a debate takes place in Parliament. You will find the petition at – please sign and share!


They all have names. Every one of the people who ISIS has murdered has a name and every day more people die trying to protect their right to a life free from persecution and terror.

All decent human beings are disgusted and horrified by the atrocities perpetrated by ISIS, yet ISIS continues is evil work unhindered, growing in strength and even affiliating with other extremist organisations. In the meantime there are some half- hearted coalition air strikes which, at best, succeed only in temporarily containing ISIS. Yet all across Northern Syria Rojavan Kurds continue to fight, essentially unassisted, to protect people of all religions and ethnic backgrounds and support refugees.

Think about what would be happening if these Kurds had not stepped forward and resisted. ISIS would now own most of Northern Syria and would be pressing forward with its stated aim of spreading its extremist ideology across the world. It doesn’t bear thinking about.

Despite progress ISIS is not defeated. How long can the Syrian Kurds continue to hold ISIS back without help? How many of them must die in this battle? How many more civilians must be brutally murdered or sold into slavery before the rest of the world does something convincing to stop this evil? It’s time for us to work together and do something to help.

It’s time to stop ISIS.

Join the fight against extremism. Step up, be brave, sign the petition. Help us get more than 100.000 signatures so that governments can’t ignore what’s going on any more.

We want:

1. A UN presence/ monitors all along the Turkish Syrian border to ensure:

a. that supplies and volunteers for Daesh/ISIS are not entering the conflict using this route and if they are, then to stop them immediately.

b. a humanitarian corridor is opened so that aid, including medical supplies, and the resources needed to rebuild towns and villages after ISIS has retreated, reach the civilians in Rojava consistently

Why: a. ISIS are getting their supplies and new members from somewhere. There are many reports that indicate that they are coming through the Turkish/Syrian border. If this is the case then evidence needs to be collected and it needs to be stopped immediately. b. Also supplies and aid is being stopped from getting through to the Kurdish people. A protected and independent corridor is vital to ensure they get the help they need.

2. Western governments to open up a dialogue directly with the YPG in Rojava to find out what they need in order to defeat ISIS conclusively and then supply it.

Why: The best way to help Rojavan Kurds on the frontline is to ask them what they need. It’s obvious. Why is no-one listening to them? Why is no-one asking them? The YPG is not a listed organisation so there is no barrier to doing this.

3. the immediate release of Silhan Ozcelik and any other person being held for wishing to fight against ISIS.

Why: We should not demonise people going out to fight against ISIS.

4. the de-listing of the PKK.

Why: The PKK are trying to be conciliatory. They are prepared to work at creating a positive relationship with Turkey. They could be a useful ally in the fight against ISIS. If we can de-list Cuba, work with Iran and the IRA we can de-list the PKK.

5. a commitment to dedicate resources to ensuring the return of every girl taken by ISIS and sold into slavery and their return to their families and communities with appropriate support.

Why: slavery and rape are unacceptable under any circumstances. These women need justice.

6. an investigation into Western ‘allies’ who may be funding or supporting ISIS and immediate punitive measures if they are found to be doing so.

Why: ISIS are getting funding, supplies and members from somewhere and these are reaching them somehow. They are selling oil, antiquities and women/ children somewhere. This needs to stop whether it is being done with or without the relevant governments’ awareness.

Please speak out and sign this petition.