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After the liberation of Mosul, Raqqa, and the pressure imposed on the Daesh (ISIS) terrorist organization, the world’s effort to counter terrorists reached to the peak, and it was followed with ISIS’ encirclement in the town of Bukamal, leaving the terrorists with no way. With all of that, a hope for freedom and democracy was inspired in the hearts of Syrian components and all the people around the world; peace and stability then were of important talks to the forces who wanted to relieve the sufferings of the Syrian peoples. In that area, the International Coalition was preparing to declare the completion of the campaign against ISIS in a short time.

But as a result of the Turkish AKP’s hostility and nationalist attitude towards the Syrian people, specifically the Kurdish people, the Turkish army launched a brutal operation against the Syrian Democratic Forces in the Efrin region; in this manner they are continuing the adversary against the Syrian Democratic Forces. These acts of the AKP and its occupation army has put the Syrian soil into pain, all in support of terrorist organizations such as Jabhat Al-Nusra and Ahrar Al-Sham; for after our forces’ victory against ISIS throughout northern Syria, the AKP lost all of their hope. Therefore, the AKP and invading Turkish army, in order to extend the life of ISIS, carried out strikes against our forces in Efrin; thereby to have our forces busy with the resistance in Efrin and give ISIS a space to breathe.

We consider this barbaric aggression as a significant hostility against all Syrian peoples, it also clearly supports the ISIS terrorist organization, however our forces were able to oust ISIS out of occupied cities, there are still ISIS forces at the Iraqi-Syrian borders; thousands of ISIS elements are out there and many of their sleeper cells are waiting for a command of terror.

Turkish authorities used our forces’ organization through the International Coalition, and the issue of border forces as an excuse to attack and commit their aggression against our people, but these excuses are empty and nonsense, for there is a long border with Turkey, and in the past six years of Syrian war, they have not recorded even one act of aggression from the side of our forces.

Other than that, we have faced many occasions of Turkey’s aggression, such as violating human rights, and torturing the civilians to the level of intentional killings. Not only that, the Turkish army violated our borders and airspace, and shelled our cities and villages, and that clearly violates international agreements and destroys the neighborhood relations from the root. Whenever possible we showed restraint to establish neighboring relations and focused on the fight against ISIS, yet we believe that the very struggle of ours against ISIS were the main reasons behind Turkey’s aggression; and all the excuses given by Turkish political authorities are ungrounded thoughts.

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القيادة العامة

قوات سوريا الديمقراطية

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2018/ 1 / التاريخ: 22

Because Turkey failed in using proxy organizations in their exterritorial fight against our people, this time they unmasked their faces and launched a war with their official identity of the Turkish Army. They launched attacks on Efrin, but they will not leave that easily, and will face many losses.

Moreover, we as the Syrian Democratic Forces believe that Turkey would not dare to shell our cities and villages and commit massacres against the civilians, if Russia did not withdraw from their morality and did not allow Turkish planes fly over Efrin, for that, it is asked from Russia to clearly explain the reasons of Turkish attacks in details.

What is wanted from Russia’s official institutions is to show a clear position towards Turkey’s brutal aggression. Also this a burden on the shoulders of the International Coalition our partner in the fight against terror, that we together led honorable fights to defeat terrorism, and we jointly triumphed very close to final victory. The Coalition must know that the goal of Turkey’s aggression is to undermine those victories, for that it is expected that the International Coalition to carry out their responsibilities towards our people in the Efrin region. Similarly, we expect from all democratic forces around the world to stand with our people and declare a strong stance towards Turkey’s aggression.

We in the SDF, respect the efforts of those governments who have condemned the attacks. We also ensure our people that we are decisive on resisting the brutal attackers. Similar to how we defeated them in Kobane, we shall overcome them in Efrin. With the same morale, we greet the resistance of our people and their faith in their homeland, we can see how our people refused to leave their homes. We are at the final phase of the fight against terrorism, and the end of realizing victory in Efrin.

SDF General Command – January 22, 2018