Peace in Kurdistan Women’s Alliance for Kurdistan, Iraq and Syria 


Peace in Kurdistan Women’s Alliance deplores the latest assault on Kurdish women’s movement in Turkey. Women such as those in KJA (Free Women’s Congress) have been waging a battle for women’s freedom for over 40 years, in the face of extreme opposition.

They have undoubtedly been instrumental in breaking down the barriers that have traditionally trapped women in the private sphere; they have been at the fore front of the movement to break down the barriers, inspiring women across the region to demand their equal rights and to participate equally in society, to seek equality in political office, for example, with each post being held jointly by a women and a man.

Kurdish women are now visible and participating in society in south-east Turkey, in a way that has rarely been seen before, either in the region, or indeed anywhere. The strength and commitment to the cause, in the face of extreme repression, is inspiring. These achievements are a direct result of women organising autonomously, in civil society organisations, for which KJA provides the umbrella structure and support. .

The closures of these organisations, the deliberate eradication of civil society, came on yet another dark day in Turkey’s descent into dictatorship. As yet our government has not felt the need to adequately condemn and challenge this path, yet it is clear that this level of extreme repression will have extreme consequences, plunging the region into yet more conflict. Furthermore the crisis will not stay in Turkey; when we fail to confront fascism anywhere we sow the seeds for its growth everywhere.

Peace in Kurdistan was proud to attend the KJA Congress on Sunday in Diyarbakir and deliver a message of solidarity.


Now is the time  for all democratic, feminist forces to act. We stand in solidarity with KJA and others who have asserted their will to continue the resistance with rising determination and steadfastness. See full statement of KJA here: