The Executive Committee of Democratic Society Movement( TEV-DEM)
18 July 2013, Qamishlo.
19th July is the liberty revolution and building of democratic self-governance. The Democratic Society Movement has issued a statement on the occasion of the first anniversary of the 19th of July Revolution, which was launched from Kobani where the Kurdish people freed their cities from the Baathist regime remnants.
The Executive Committee of Democratic Society Movement congratulated all the peoples of the region on this occasion: the first anniversary of the 19th of July Revolution: “We share our people’s joy of their liberation and all its achievement that was a dream but has become true, thus we call you all to protect these gains which they were as a result of the sacrifices and blood shading of the bravest young of our people.
The 19th of July Revolution that launched from Kobanî was the guarantee and the safety valve to achieve the Kurdish willpower and to free the western Kurdistan from the clutches of the chauvinistic mentality and from the control of dictatorship Baathist regime. This revolution considers the transform revolution of Kurds to build up their own democracy and it is a historic point in the revolutionary march of the western Kurdistan, this was during the time when everyone wish to control the regions of the western Kurdistan in order to deny the identity of the Kurdish people and the other components of the region.  The Revolution began to unload all attempts in this regard, took the Kurds and the other components of the region towards a free future and destiny. The 19th of July Revolution has been completed one year; one year ago of struggle was full of activities and revolutionary events of building the national foundations. On the occasion of the first anniversary of the revolution, we could find that the Kurdish people have passed a long way and achieved very important aims at the level of politics, culture, diplomatic, social, military, economic, and all were by virtue of  right politics and objectives, which the Kurdish people followed it and approached the independent democratic peaceful means that represented the third vision. This approach is a real alternative in the Syrian revolution, which proved its successful and excellence way and proved the legitimate rights for the Kurdish people. The Kurds proved that they are peaceful people seeking their legitimate rights in a plural and democratic Syria, and to guarantee all legitimate rights of the Kurdish people and all ethnicities to be constitutionally recognised.

19th of July is a democratic and peaceful Revolution, which started in liberating Kobani then followed by all other Kurdish towns in the west of Kurdistan one by one peacefully.  The people of these cities have guarded and kept the security of their cities and their foundations and the Kurdish people including youth, students, women and its political movement founded foundations that will manage and serve the society to meet the daily life requirements and resolve their issues that accumulated for last few decades, and working to eliminate the effects of the oppressive policies applied by the regime against the Syrian people in general and the Kurdish particular.
The Kurdish people did not abound anything in the process of construction and developing but they endeavour the best in order to protect the revolution achievements and maintain the security and stability in the west of Kurdistan which became an ideal example of security and stability.
Dozens of the Kurdish youth sacrificed their precious lives throughout the battles of pride and dignity. They fought for the defence of the region against all attacks and hostility of intentions that were and still targeting to destruct what have been built by 19th of July revolution. On this occasion we salute the greatness of martyrs who sacrified for the sake of freedom. All martyrs such as Slava and Berivan, and Khabat Derik, Abed Khalil and his companions Bawer and Rojvan and Alaa Qassem, Sarhad , Dalil, Zakarya, Zahraddin, and Lewand in addition to the Martyrs of Sere Kaniye , Chal Agha, and Tel-tamer. Further to the patriots who fought and died in order to preserve the national dignity in each of the Sere Kaniye and Aleppo, those who were the leaders and founders of this revolution and they were its true protectors.
Correlation with sacrifices of the 19th of July Revolution martyrs, and to fulfil their memory, we have to deliver the revolution to its ultimate goal in building democratic free Western Kurdistan and plural, democratic Syria.
One of the 19th of July Revolution results was the establishment of The Kurdish Supreme Council as a national agreement between Kurdish forces who represent the Kurds in western Kurdistan, and the emergence of local councils in all regions and built a democratic and defences foundations, especially the security force (Asayesh) and the People’s Protection Units (YPG). Furthermore our people today endeavour to establish their regional democratic administrative so to set its constitution and to arrange its administration which will include all components in the western Kurdistan. However, we, The Democratic Society Movement are supporting this courageously project which was forwarded by the Democratic Union Party. This project is needed and it is a democratic revolutionary demand and must be accelerated to be achieved.
It is necessary to involve everyone in all its stages and to set constitution and discuss it and to form the People’s democratic administration and to participate in the elections to be elected through democratic governance of Western Kurdistan.
Having dialogue with all parties including the political parties and foundations and individuals and the components of the Western Kurdistan people and get of all orientations and opinions involved at this stage, thus the transparency and openness must be the base to practice this process. therefore we ask all those who involved at this stage to share their opinions and suggestions and to have active participation in the process of discussing the constitution draft and to form an interim transitional administration and get ready to prepare the suitable environment for a free elections which would result forming legitimate, comprehensive and democratic administration to be able to direct the revolution in this critical historical stage.
There are still elimination attempts continuously, but we can assure our people that there is still ahead a difficult stage of struggle because of the conditions and the policies that are planned by the external and local forces against the Kurdish will, which was formed in the region. These hostile attempts such as the policy of imposing economic blockade against the Kurdish people in Afrin and the closure of crossings border between West and south Kurdistan, are policies targeting to break the will of the people by starving the people and force them to surrender. On the contrary, we can say that we are as people and society own a very rich philosophy in the field of self-reliance and self-governance, therefore, we were able to overcome risks politically militarily, so we are able to thwart these policies through the development of economic community and to develop economic projects in the region in order to offer reasonable job for young and to maintain the security and peace of our areas. ”
On the first anniversary of the 19th of July Revolution, we have achieved freeing revolution and we are now in the midst of constructive revolution, to build free will and democratic self- governance. We would persuade to get the international legitimacy to these national gains and consolidate and develop them within a pluralistic democratic Syria, where the rights, justice and equality should be respected.
As it is sensitive and fateful stage; it requires us to work hardly day and night to success our revolution. Here, we call on our people in western Kurdistan, Kurds, Arab Assyrians and all its categories and classes of young people and women, parties, foundations and individuals to work actively  in the construction process, also appreciate the significant role of each of the security guards and The People’s Protection Units (YPG) as they have highly valued roles in protecting the area against interventions and external attacks and they fight against all social troubles that are harmful to the social unity, and call on everyone to rally around these two national force and to provide the support to be able to fulfil their national duties.
The Executive Committee of Democratic Society Movement( TEV-DEM)
18 July 2013, Qamishlo.