25 APRIL 2017

URGENT: Condemnation of Aggression by Turkish Military Forces Against

Civilian Populations in Rojava-North Syria and Yezidis in Shingal, Iraqi


The Representation Offices of Rojava-North Syria in Europe hereby strongly

condemn the actions of the Turkish military taken last night, 25 April 2017.

The Turkish army conducted at least 13 air strikes against the General

Headquarters of the YPG in Qarachox area in Cezire canton, Rojava-North

Syria as well as multiple attacks against the Shingal region in an act of

blatant aggression and disregard for the sanctity of human rights and the

lives of civilians. This hostile action must be condemned at once by the

international community, and we call upon the international coalition to

recognize this brutality, hold accountable those responsible, and ensure no

further attacks like this will be allowed to occur.

At a time when the YPG, YPJ, and SDF forces are claiming more and more

victories against the terrorist group IS in and around Raqqa, this is a

clear attempt by Turkey to undermine our progress and achievements in

combating extremism. However, we affirm that these attacks will not deter us

in continuing to prevail against terror and extremism. Our resolve will only

grow stronger following this aggression. Again, we call upon the Syrian

people as well as the entire international community to join us in rejecting

these horrifically hostile actions of the Turkish regime, and to come

together in support of the people in Qarachox, Qamishli, Amouda, Shingal,

and all other affected areas.