Peace in Kurdistan Campaign (PIK) Stands with Jeremy Corbyn, True Friend of the Kurds

It is hard to believe that it is still less than ten months since Jeremy Corbyn was elected leader of his party on an overwhelming mandate of nearly 60 percent of the membership.

Many thousands of new members were inspired to join the Labour Party during his leadership campaign and they continue to do so. This is almost unprecedented in British politics and has the potential to create a new form of politics by restoring some credibility to a discredited political process where self-interest and cynicism have for too long seemed dominant.
Corbyn became the figurehead of a groundswell of popular aspirations for change in the way politics is conducted and the priorities of the parties in power. Those sentiments have not gone away simply because there is now a calculated move against him engineered by the majority of Labour MPs most of whom never supported him in the first place.

These current attacks on Jeremy Corbyn’s character and attempts to undermine him as a political leader are totally unjust and profoundly cruel.

Anyone who has worked with Jeremy, as Peace in Kurdistan has over many years, knows him to be a person of tremendous integrity with a remarkable commitment to principles of social justice for all peoples whether in this country or around the world.

Throughout his political career Jeremy has been a staunch internationalist and firm supporter of the rights of the oppressed peoples such as the Kurds.

He has given voice to the demands of the unheard and has brought their cases into the public domain by raising issue after issue on the floor of the House of Commons.

Jeremy Corbyn has a proud record both inside Parliament and as a constituency MP where he has taken up the plight of Kurdish families and individuals. He has remained a staunch friend of the Kurdish community in London.

He has always responded positively to the work of PIK. He has made himself available to sign Early Day Motions, taken up individual cases, expressed messages of support for our campaigns, met Kurdish representatives and even undertook visits to Turkey and the Kurdish regions; all activities for which he is held in the highest respect.

In fact, whenever and wherever the Kurds have been in need of supporters, which unfortunately is all too frequent given the political situation, Jeremy Corbyn has proved himself to be a reliable ally and friend. Solidarity is ingrained in the very manner in which he operates as a politician.

We know that a genuine commitment and a strong belief in fairness and justice inspire Corbyn to fight for all people who need help around the world. This is shown by his leading role in Liberation, the Stop the War Coalition, CND, the Anti-Apartheid Movement and countless movements working in solidarity with the national struggles of peoples from Latin America to Asia and Africa.

PIK would like to put on record its own profound gratitude to Jeremy Corbyn for his consistent support for our activities over the years.

His election as leader of the Labour Party gave tremendous hope to thousands of people and he deserves the loyalty and support of his party at all levels during this time of acute crisis in the country and turmoil throughout the world.
Jeremy deserves full credit for all his tireless activities and loyalty to the causes and peoples that he has always championed. He is a great friend of the Kurds.

Without the support of people such as Jeremy Corbyn the work of PIK would be much more difficult to carry out. PIK is proud to declare its own solidarity with the leader of the Labour Party at what is clearly an immensely difficult moment in his party’s history.

1 July 2016