Dear Leyla

We send you solidarity, greetings and respect from Women Alliance for Kurdistan, Iraq and Syria.

We have been following the news of your hunger strike almost daily and we want to assure you that we are standing with you in your resistance and will do our utmost to support you and to spread the message that the cruel isolation of Abdullah Ocalan and the persecution of the Kurdish people must end.

Your dignified and strong response to the actions of the Turkish State is inspirational and is gaining increasing support in the U.K. It is starting to be talked about on the national news and in the British Parliament as well as amongst ordinary people who care about creating a better world and peace in Kurdistan.

The isolation of Öcalan is contrary to Turkey’s own constitution and to international human rights law. His ideas have inspired women and men across the Middle East to struggle for a life rooted in grassroots , multi-ethnic, gender-equal, secular democracy. Because of the respect in which he is held by millions of people across Europe, Kurds and non-Kurds alike, he is key to a peaceful settlement of the decades old conflict in Turkey. As you have said: “The isolation of Öcalan is a barrier on the way to peace.”

United we will overcome. We salute you and wish you peace and strength.


Victoria Bridges Film-maker UK

Sarah Glynn Academic   Scotland

Wendy Lyon Lawyer Ireland

Maryam Ashrafi Photographer Paris

Gita Sahgal Director Centre for Secular Space

Jane Miller  Professor Emeritus, UCL Institute of Education

Kariane Westrheim Professor University of Bergen, Norway

Chair of EUTCC

Julie Ward MEP

Jean Lambert MEP

Margaret Owen Director Widows for Peace through Democracy

Sadia Hameed Spokesperson Council of Ex Muslims of Britain

Roza Salih  Scotland

Emily Apple The Canary

Claud Fullwood The Canary

Frea Lockley The Canary

Eliza Egret The Canary

Margaret Gallacher UNISON Scotland

Patricia Ziad Artist

Jocelyn Watson Writer

Stephanie Grant Activist

Isabel Kaiser PHD SOAS

Joy Hall Academic

Sarah Parker Activist

Ruth Webster Learning and Development Manager

Tamsin Larby Writer

Estella Schmid Peace in Kurdistan

Melanie Gingell Peace in Kurdistan

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