As supporters, representatives and members of the Kurdish community in the UK, we wish to send our solidarity to you as leader of the Labour Party for a successful general election campaign.
We look forward to seeing you elected as Prime Minister on June 8th: your election victory would mark a great dramatic change in the domestic and foreign policy of the UK.
With Jeremy Corbyn as PM, the UK will stand as a beacon of hope and peace around the world.
You deserve to be given this chance to implement the policies of social justice, equality and peace for which you have always been a staunch campaigner.

Every vote for Jeremy is a vote the principles of peace, equality and justice which we all strongly cherish.

A vote for Jeremy is a vote for a hopeful vision for the future where everyone is given an equal opportunity to thrive and enjoy all that life has to offer.
You stand on a record of unflinching and consistent support for oppressed peoples around the world.
You have long been a champion of the Kurdish cause during your time as a backbench MP and you have remained a friend of the Kurds since you took up the leadership of your party.
We have no doubt that you will continue to stand up for the rights of the Kurdish people when you become Prime Minister of this country.
We send our solidarity to Jeremy Corbyn and all his candidates for a victorious outcome in the coming general election.

Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) UK
Kurdish People’s Assembly UK
Kurdish Youth Assembly UK
Roj Women Assembly UK
Democratic Union Party (PYD) UK
Peace in Kurdistan Campaign

 1 May 2017

Peace in Kurdistan
Campaign for a political solution of the Kurdish Question
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