14 October 2019|ANF English

Democratic Union Party (PYD) Co-spokesperson Salih Muslim talked to ANF about the agreement between the Syrian government and the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria.



Muslim pointed out that the agreement is a military one and a first step, adding; “This step will be followed by dialogue and talks to complete the entire content. The outlines of the agreement are as follows; the border security, actually the sovereignty of Syria as a state has been violated. The border needs to be protected together in order for Syrian sovereignty to be preserved. To this end, Syrian troops will be stationed in the area from Derik to the Euphrates and they will raise the Syrian flag. Syrian soldiers will not be deployed inside the cities but in some areas out of the towns. The works of the Democratic Autonomous Administration will not be intervened. The councils here will continue their works as usual.”


Remarking that the objective of the agreement is to protect the people, Muslim continued; “The Erdoğan-led Turkish state has prepared a genocide plan. The Northeast Syrian Democratic Forces have previously tried to prevent this genocide through the Americans and with the border security agreement they mediated. Still, the US troops have withdrawn from where their positions without notice and the Turkish state launched an invasion and genocide campaign against Northeast Syria, mainly Serêkaniyê and Gire Spi, with tens of thousands of mercenaries. They created many excuses like ‘we don’t want to come into conflict with Turkey’.


Muslim noted that they had talked with the Russian and Syrian officials many times and tried to reach an agreement before. He said that this agreement, a first of its kind, also includes the liberation of Afrin.

“Russia and the regime did not accept an agreement before the withdrawal of US troops. But now they have accepted it. This is a first and talks will continue. One of the major points of this agreement is its inclusion of Afrin. Once security is maintained in the area, there will be a collaboration for the liberation of Afrin as well.”


Muslim said that talks will be resumed in Damascus in a few days and told the following regarding the main frame of these talks:

“recognition of the Democratic Autonomous Administration, recognition of Kurds’ rights in the Constitution and securing of the rights of other peoples in the region. These will have a constitutional guarantee. How broad the frame of the agreement will be, is to be determined by the future talks.”


Muslim remarked that only Russia can stop these attacks now, and continued; “The US did not or could not stop them. They manifested an attitude like ‘we might lose some things in the future if we happen to confront Turkey now’. The US troops have pulled back far away. I don’t know what will happen with them. That is not our problem. It will concern the Syrian state at the very most.”


Pointing to the change of balances in the past few days, Muslim said it was the balances that have pushed the Syrian regime and Russia to make this agreement. He noted that Russia had the capability to stop these attacks and was the guarantor of the agreement.

Muslim continued;

“The implementation of this agreement is of importance. We will see in practice if this agreement will stop the attacks or not. As I mentioned before, we wanted to talk and make an agreement with Russia and the regime before but they wouldn’t accept it. However, today’s attacks, developments and the glorious resistance have forced all sides to rethink. Now Russia has also seen that the Syrian state will also lose should Turkey invade the region as Turkish forces would not leave an area they have invaded. Still, this is not a total agreement yet, it is an early negotiation.”


Muslim remarked that the fight against Turkish invasion will continue; “Turkey attacks with all its might. At this point, not Syrian troops but we will fight against the Turkish attacks while the Syrian troops will represent the Syrian state and sovereignty with their presence along the border.

There is another promise that has been made; Russia and the regime told that they would close the Syrian airspace for Turkish aircraft and stop the air strikes. This will sustain the Battle of Honor given by the people of Northeast Syria and Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). It will provide some relief.”


Responding to US President Trump’s comments that “Kurds may be releasing some to get us involved”, Salih Müslim said: “We didn’t release anyone. Those who managed to flee have escaped due to Turkish shelling of the camp and prisons. For instance, surroundings of the Ain Issa prison and camp were bombed. There were also US troops in Ain Issa. Why were they silent while the Turks bombarded the camp and prison, why didn’t they stop the Turks? It doesn’t serve anyone to criminalize the Kurds.”