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On this solemn occasion marking 25 years since the abduction of Abdullah Öcalan in Nairobi, we, as a revolutionary socialist organization, extend our unconditional solidarity to the Kurdish movement and reaffirm our call for the unconditional release of Abdullah Öcalan.

Öcalan, a visionary leader and founding member of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), has dedicated his life to the struggle for Kurdish rights and liberation. His abduction on February 15, 1999 here in Nairobi, Kenya, stands as a stark reminder of the oppressive tactics employed by the Turkish state and imperialist forces to suppress dissent and silence voices advocating for justice and sovereignity.

The Kurdish movement, under Öcalan’s leadership, has demonstrated remarkable fortitude and determination in the face of immense adversity. Despite the formidable power of the Turkish state and its NATO-backed military apparatus, the Kurdish people continue to resist and persist in their quest for self-determination and freedom.

We salute the daily resistance of the Kurdish people, whose unwavering commitment to justice and equality serves as a beacon of hope for oppressed peoples worldwide. Öcalan’s ideas have transcended borders and inspired millions, uniting individuals from diverse backgrounds in the common struggle for liberation.

As an ideological organization dedicated to supporting the Kurdish cause, we stand shoulder to shoulder with Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan – A solution for the Kurdish question and all those who tirelessly advocate for peace, justice, and the recognition of Kurdish rights. Together, we amplify the voices of the Kurdish people and demand an end to the unjust imprisonment of Abdullah Öcalan.

In commemorating this anniversary, we recommit ourselves to the pursuit of a world free from oppression, where all peoples are granted the right to self-determination and dignity. The release of Abdullah Öcalan is not only a matter of justice but a crucial step towards lasting peace and reconciliation in Kurdistan and beyond.

Long Live International Solidarity!


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