Originally published in Roj Helat with information gathered by the Political Prisoners’ Committee of PJAK, 27/09/2012:

As a totalitarian regime bent on denying the civil liberties, the Iranian regime has from its outset persisted on suppression of the libertarian people and uprooting of the paradigm seeking a free life. It has always replied any endeavour to break the chains by inhumane reactions. By depicting the liberation campaigns of Iranian peoples as separatist efforts against the national security, it has overreacted to them with the utmost hostility.

Following the Islamic Revolution of 1979, more than 4500 Kurds throughout East Kurdistan were summarily executed by the direct order of Khomeyni implemented by Khalkhali (the then chief of Islamic Revolution Court). Now after thirty four years, the Iranian prisons are filled by the politicians, artists, journalists, university students, civil activists as well as libertarian individuals whose only “crime” has been the pursuit of a free and peaceful society.

Of nine international treaties on human rights, Iran is signatory to five to which it is bound to implement its contents, from legal perspective. Despite this, the Iranian regime has headed the list of those countries with high level of human rights violations. Having considered the regime’s treatment of the political prisoners, it would be clear that it has no any ethical or legal bound to the Human Rights Declaration. It has even violated some articles of its own constitution. For example the article 23 of constitution holds; “Inquisition of beliefs and opinion is prohibited in Iran. No one should be prosecuted for their distinct belief.”

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