25. December, 2011
Press Release: For immediate release


Turkey’s persecution of legally elected Kurdish representatives, media members, lawyers, trade unionists and Kurdish spokespersons in and outside Turkey, seems to have no end. More than 5000 people have so far been arrested accused of having links to PKK – the so called KCK operations.

December 15th Germany again acted as Turkey’s extended arm in Europe by arresting the BDP Europe representative Mr. Eyyüp Doru in Munich due to a warrant issued by Turkey on Interpol in 2007. In 2009 the EUTCC sent out a similar press statement when Mr. Doru and colleagues were arrested in Spain for the same reason. However, the Spanish court concluded wisely that the case against them was political – not legal. Mr. Doru was also previously arrested in Austria and Italy, but released soon after. It will probably be decided next week whether he will be released.

Mr. Doru is an experienced Kurdish politician in Europe who has conducted constructive political work for the Kurdish cause for many years. He is not a threat for anyone. The detention of Kurdish politicians and activists has a negative impact on a peaceful solution to the Kurdish question. This act is not compatible with democratic and international law norms.

The EUTCC strongly urges German authorities to immediately release Mr. Eyyüp Doru and allow him to continue his peaceful political work. 

Kariane Westrheim Michael Gunter Hans Brancheidt Judge Essa Moosa
Chair of EUTCC Secretary general Board of Directors Board of Directors

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+47 976 42 088