This paper is the seventh issue of a monthly series of collaborative publications, in which Peace in Kurdistan is involved, on re-envisaging self-determination and international struggle in the 21st century. We invite people to send their comments and respond to the issues raised in these pieces, as well as to send us articles to be published in this series.

PIK Issue 7 - Reflections_Spiral_Legitimacy - Miley 6pp A4


Download Reflections on Revolution, the Spiral of Violence, and the Legitimacy of Self-Defence here:


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Dr. Thomas Jeffrey Miley ( is a Lecturer of Political Sociology at the University of Cambridge. He is a patron of Peace in Kurdistan and a member of the executive board of the EU Turkey Civic Commission (EUTCC). He has published broadly on struggles for self-determination. He is co-editor of Your Freedom and Mine. Abdullah Ocalan and the Kurdish Question in Erdogan’s Turkey (Montreal: Black Rose Books, 2018).