This paper is the fourth issue of a monthly series of collaborative publications, in which Peace in Kurdistan is involved, on re-envisaging self-determination and international struggle in the 21st century. We invite people to send their comments and respond to the issues raised in these pieces, as well as to send us articles to be published in this series.


Radical or Reactionary Tomatoes? Organizing against the Toxic Legacy of Capital’s Environmentalism

Nicholas Hildyard

PIK Issue 4 - Nicholas Hildyard 4pp A4 V2

Download Radical or Reactionary Tomatoes? here:” title=”PIK Issue 4 – Nicholas Hildyard 4pp A4 V2

Nicholas Hildyard ( works with The Corner House, a UK solidarity and mutual learning group. He has worked on environmental and human rights issues since the 1970s and was involved in the campaign against the Ilisu dam, in the Kurdish region of Turkey. He is a patron of Peace in Kurdistan”. The Corner House: