PYD Statement, 8.7.14

Statement to the Public Opinion
Since the ISIS took over Iraqs second largest city Mosul, seizing heavy weaponry in the process, it quickly turned its attention to western Kurdistan (northern Syria). ISIS has increased its attacks against our Self-Administration areas dramatically, using all kinds of criminal and barbaric methods. The recent attacks have mostly been in the Kobane canton, on the western countryside, including the villages Zormagar, Al-Bouaz, Dekerman and Al-Byada. Countless civilians, including women and children have been displaced as a result of their terrorist activities.
The ISIS does not recognize any code of conduct and has violated all international standards systematically. Once again our people, the Kurds, are facing mass killings and crimes against humanity with the tacit agreement of the international community!
ISIS has openly proclaimed that they are intending on altering the demography of the region. With their ruthless methods they have thrown the whole region into an uncertain and dangerous future.
By now its clear that the International community has failed to respond to the terror threat caused by the ISIS. The international community has failed to protect the lives of the different peoples of the region, let alone their rights and freedoms. It is at the same time becoming more obvious the the only successful resistance to ISIS has been from the YPG (The People’s Protection Units). Not only has the YPG kept the ISIS at bay, they have also beaten them back and expelled them from several towns and villages. In this regard the YPG are playing a key role in containing these terrorist forces from spreading throughout the region.
We, the presidency of the three cantons of western Kurdistan – Cizirê, Kobanê and Efrîn) promise that we will defend our people, regardless of their ethnic or religious background, and our democratic Self-Administration project, using all means necessary. We will do anything within our powers to maintain the stability, peace and security of our region.
We call on the international community and the public opinion of the world to stand with us in our efforts to battle terrorism, to support us in containing the spread of terrorism in the region and to put pressure on those who facilitate the activities of these criminal forces.

Finally we would like to salute the resistance of the people of Kobanê. We are convinced that their resistance and courage will not be in vain!

Glory and eternal life to our martyrs!

Urgent recovery for our wounded!


The Presidency of the three cantons Cizirê, Kobanê and Efrin. Western Kurdistan – Syria.