Below is the latest press release by the Kurdish PYD, the Democratic Union Party of Syria:

Press Release:

On statement of U.S. Department of State regarding situation in Amuda, Syria.

What happened in Amuda was a conspiracy ambush set up bymercenaries affiliated to Jubhat Al-Nusra of brigade 313, while the Kurdish forces Popular Protection Units (YPG)were on their way to Qamishly. The entrap was set up inpublic and those mercenaries armed group started firing andshooting on the Kurdish forces which is related to SupremeKurdish Council, resulting in one of the Kurdish force member has been killed and four others have been wounded .The Kurdish forces had to defend themselves and four members of armed group have been killed and two civilians were killed as the clashes occurred in inhabited area.

The Kurdish security forces (Asayish) arrested the suspicious individuals and later released all except those involved. Theseprecaution measurements were taken by Kurdish security forces to prevent further chaos and to restore the security and stability in the city. However the U.S. Department of State stated on 1July 2013 that some detainees have been tortured, was based on incorrect information.  The Kurdish established institutions are respecting and complying with the International Human Rights act and open for any investigation.

We, the Democratic Union Party (PYD) are a political party and we do not have guards or armed people, while Popular Protection Units (YPG) and security forces (Asayish) are the two Kurdish national foundations forces to protect the Kurdish regions against the Salafist, Jihadist armed groups affiliated to Jubaht al-Nusra and as well as against brutal regime’s forces. These national institutions aimed to run the Kurdish area democratically and peacefully and provide the security and stability to region’s people.

Executive Committee of Democratic Union Party (PYD)

1 July 2013