PYD STATEMENT: Call for support and protection of the peaceful establishment of the self-governed Syrian Kurdish region

1 August 2012


The Kurdish areas in Syria, except from the city of Qamishli, have recently been liberated from the brutal Assad’s regime and are under Kurdish control. Consequently, we, the Democratic Union Party ( PYD), with other Kurdish political parties in the Kurdish National Council (KNC) have jointly agreed to protect and administer our regions. This agreement resulted in the establishment of the Supreme Kurdish Council, which strives to protect our legitimate gains and to consolidate them in the future constitution of a free democratic Syria.

This liberated Kurdish region could serve  as a safe heaven and start point for all Syrian revolutionaries to liberate all Syria and therefore this democratic establishment should be considered as the contributors to build a free democratic  and plural united Syria. This peaceful establishment  should not be considered as a threat to the regional and global stability but as a constructive contribution to democracy, peace and stability in the region. The Kurds are not separatist and have never had separatist intentions. This is to declare that our goal is to democratically self-govern our regions within the geopolitical borders of the Syrian Republic. Our mission is to play our part in building the future of Syria.

We believe that the Kurds are integral to regional stability and order. However, as the future of Syria looks grim, the support and protection of Syria’s Kurds from the international community is an urgent necessity. Therefore, we call on the Regional and International  communities UN, EU and the free world of their moral responsibility to support and protect the peaceful establishment of self-ruled Syrian kurdish region.

The Foreign Affairs Office of  the Democratic Union Party (PYD)