Full statement below:

Appeal to International Public Opinion

The international community is aware that Middle East is exposed to a conflict between peoples demanding freedom, democracy and a dignified life on the one side and on the other side the tyranny of ISIS and terrorist gangs and the peoples’ enslavement. Thus, the Kurdish people and other peoples who live together in Rojava have become a main target of the brutal ISIS terrorist gangs including their very existence and its holy places and historical roots. Previously, this brutal force destroyed and eradicated what they could in Rojava, Mosul and Nineveh, and currently are attacking Shingal to exterminate people who stuck to their land and faith over thousands of years.

This human tragedy is taking place in front of the eyes of humanity and followed moment by moment, where civilians are beheaded, killed, displaced and so far, we have not seen any serious effort to stop this humanitarian tragedy whether to fight against these dark forces or to give aid and a helping hand to those people who are displaced from their villages and towns and from their historical homeland trying to escape the slaughter and genocide to save their lives.

We, in the democratic self –administration areas, endeavour to protect all the peoples that are exposed to extermination by defending them, we do our utmost to help and assist whether in their regions or in the areas that they are fleeing to in Rojava and we do this to defend human values ​​and human civilization.

We call on the United Nations, the European Union and all organizations and global institutions who claim to defend human values ​​and on humanitarian relief organizations all over the world to stand with us in our adversity and to provide us with all possible means of assistance and support so that we can maintain our presence and to prevent the ethnic genocide against the peoples of Mesopotamia, one of the oldest of human civilizations.

For further information please contact the administration of Al-Jazeera canton:

Mr. Akram Hissou 00905386195775 – E mail: ekrem-hasso@hotmail.com

Mr. Akeed Ibrahim (Heyvasor). Telephone: 0090539672732 – egid77ms@gmail.com

We look forward for your cooperation and support

Kind regards

Salih Muslim Muhammad

Co-chair for PYD

6 August 2014