Dr Derek Wall, Green Party parliamentary candidate for Windsor has been endorsed by Dr Alan Semo, UK representative of the Democratic Union Party (PYD).

This follows ongoing contact with the Green Party, of which Dr Wall is International Coordinator, and the PYD.

The PYD is the largest political party in Rojava, the autonomous region of Northern Syria.  The PYD is a mainly Kurdish political party which shares a number of key ideological stances with the Green Party.  

The Kurds and their allies have been fighting the so-called Islamic State and creating a democratic, self-governing and secular form of governance.

Dr Semo stated ‘We would be privileged to endorse you and support your candidacy in Windsor! We trust that you would be successful at least to raise Green Party values, social justice, grassroots democracy, ecological sustainability which we are implanting in Rojava alternative model.​ Long live joint struggle for fairer and more just society!’

Dr Wall stated, ‘I am proud and humbled to be endorsed by the PYD, I have been hugely inspired by their work especially in challenging fundamentalism and defending freedom.  There has been increasing contact between members of the Kurdish community and Green Parties, for example, the Turkish Green Party has joined the pro-Kurdish HDP to contest the Turkish General Election this June.’

Dr Wall organised a meeting at the Autumn 2014 Green Party conference in Birmingham where Dr Alan Semo spoke about the crisis in Syria and Iraq and the fight against Isis.

‘I am horrified that Shilan Ozcelik, a young women from Croydon, is currently imprisoned on remand in Holloway for allegedly wanting to travel to Rojava to fight against ISIS as part of the People’s Protection Units (Kurdish: Yekîneyên Parastina Gel) known commonly as the YPG.  I will use the General Election to call for  her freedom and to raise awareness of the situation in Rojava.’ 

The PYD is a party that promotes ecological sustainability, grassroots democracy and women’s leadership, along with a celebration of diversity and religious freedom. These are all values that the Green Party supports, I am very pleased to have their endorsement.’

Dr Wall is a patron of the Peace in Kurdistan Campaign

Green Party General Election candidates in North London have recently held meetings with the Kurdish community

Dr Wall can be contacted at wallddd@hotmail.com
Dr Semo can be contacted drasemo@hotmail.com


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