Issued for immediate release
1st March 2017
  Joan Ryan MP has secured a 90 minute debate in Parliament to discuss the human rights and political situation in Turkey.

The debate, on Thursday 9th March from 3pm to 4.30pm, will provide an important opportunity for Members of Parliament to consider the aftermath of last year’s attempted coup and the forthcoming national referendum, in April, on the new, draft constitution – the result of which could provide sweeping new powers to the Turkish President.

More than 10,000 people have been detained since the attempted coup and over 100,000 people from the army, education sector, legal sector and civil service are reported to have been suspended or dismissed from their jobs. Greater restrictions have been imposed upon the right of assembly and the freedom of expression, including the targeting of media outlets and journalists. There have also been deeply concerning and widespread reports of human rights violations perpetrated against the minority Kurdish and Alevi communities. All of these issues, as well as the significance of the UK-Turkey bilateral relationship, will no doubt be discussed by MPs on the day.

Joan Ryan MP, the Member of Parliament for Enfield North, said:

“It has been over four and a half years since MPs have had a full debate in Parliament on issues relating to Turkey.

So much has happened during that time – particularly since last July – and it is clear that there is a deep level of cross party interest and concern amongst parliamentarians regarding the current situation in Turkey. MPs from all sides of the House of Commons supported the debate application.

The debate will allow MPs to reaffirm their strong support for democracy, the rule of law and human rights in the country and to question the UK Government on how they will seek to promote these values in our important relationship with Turkey.”