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Press conferences for Öcalan were held in London, Liverpool, Cardiff and Dublin.

10 October 2023 | ANF

On the anniversary of the international conspiracy against Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan, important figures, politicians, academics, writers, intellectuals, human rights defenders, trade unionists, women and unionists came together in 74 cities around the world and demanded freedom for Abdullah Öcalan.


The press conference in London took place at the Garden Court Chambers building. The meeting was moderated by Human Rights Defender lawyer Melanie Gingell who read the statement prepared by the Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan platform.

Following Gingel, Baroness Blower said  that “as a trade unionist and an internationalist, I am honored to demand freedom for Abdullah Öcalan,” and added: “The solution to the Kurdish problem awaits an answer. The peaceful aspect of this answer is Abdullah Öcalan himself. The solution lies in the thought and philosophy of Abdullah Öcalan. Those who do not want a peaceful solution have captured Abdullah Öcalan. All institutions and individuals in the world who are in favor of labor and freedom should express their demand for freedom for Abdullah Öcalan at the highest level. We, the unions in Britain, will continue to defend and demand the freedom of Abdullah Öcalan, who has such an important role for peace.”


A press conference was also held in Liverpool, where the Labor Party’s Congress has been going on for days. In addition to the press conference, in the speeches made at the Congress, attention was drawn to the importance of both isolation and Abdullah Öcalan’s freedom and peace perspective.

Labor Party Member of Parliament, Lloyd Russell-Moyle, pointed out that the isolation imposed on Abdullah Öcalan should be lifted as soon as possible and that communication with his family and lawyers is urgent.

Speaking at the meeting, Sinn Fein Deputy John Finucane said that the Kurdish problem should be resolved by democratic means, and because of this, Abdullah Öcalan should be released as soon as possible.


A press conference was held in front of the Parliament building in Cardiff.

Wales Newport Deputy Delyth Jewell called on the Turkish state to take immediate steps to end the aggravated isolation of Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

He said that they officially called on the Turkish state during the 161-day hunger strike of Imam Şiş in Wales to end the isolation in 2019 and condemned the Security Committee for not allowing the meeting to be held in the parliament building.

Human rights defender Adam Johannes stated that the Turkish state commits war crimes against Rojava every day and added that Turkey “has become a great threat to the peace of the region.” He said that the peaceful solution to the Kurdish issue and the stability of the Middle East could be achieved if Abdullah Öcalan is released.


In the Irish capital, Dublin, the press conference was moderated by Micheł Biedowicz, a PhD student in the Department of Government and Politics at University College Cork.

Mick Nugent, a Sinn Féinn Cork city councilor also spoke at the event. He said that Sinn Féin supports the Kurdish cause and freedom campaign for Öcalan.

He also emphasised that “from Irish experiences, we can say that only through negotiations and peace talks can we actually resolve conflict. And since Öcalan is the leader of the Kurdish liberation movement, his freedom is essential for this peace talk. Therefore, we demand freedom for Öcalan.”