Freedom for Ocalan – A Political Solution to the Kurdish Question

To mark the 25th anniversary of what has come to be known as the conspiracy of October 9, 1998, against Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan, Peace in Kurdistan supports the new campaign launched for his freedom.

On this critical anniversary, the Kurdish people are pledging to renew their political struggle for the freedom of Abdullah Ocalan and are launching a new campaign with some key demands that they intend to take to the widest possible public, relevant authorities and governments around the world.

Ocalan’s isolation and fears of torture must be seriously and properly addressed by the authorities charged with responsibility to examine such matters and uphold international law.

PIK wholeheartedly supports this new initiative and lends its voice to the demands for the release of Abdullah Ocalan. We urge all supporters of PIK to support these demands and renew our efforts to raise awareness of the importance of Ocalan and his ideas which have a resonance far beyond the confines of Kurdish and Turkish political fortunes.

As a campaigning organisation, we have always insisted that Ocalan plays a vital strategic role in achieving a peaceful resolution of the Kurdish question with ramifications inside Turkey and across the wider region.

Ocalan’s political leadership has been quite exceptional, while the level of influence exercised by his ideas among several generations of Kurds remains deeply formidable; an influence that has only grown over the years, despite his years of incarceration, to inspire people and communities around the world.

Peace in Kurdistan joins in the growing demands for Freedom for Abdullah Ocalan, which we see as a crucial precondition towards achieving the elusive, but much sought after political solution to the Kurdish question.  The solution possesses the potential to transform the entire social and political landscape of the region.


Peace in Kurdistan

Campaign for a political solution of the Kurdish Question


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