We as Peace in Kurdistan are publishing an interview recently conducted by ANF with KCK co-chair Cemil Bayik on Palestine and the Middle East as a booklet. The booklet is viewable in digital form below, and downloadable as a pdf here: Cemil Bayik on Palestine and the Middle East

If you would like a physical copy of this booklet, please contact us at: estella@gn.apc.org

In the interview, Bayik discusses the history of the Palestinian struggle and the ongoing war of Israel on Gaza in the context of broader geopolitical developments. Additionally, Bayik discusses the parallels and effects of the situations of Kurdistan and Palestine on one another, and the prospects for the struggle for peace and democratization in the Middle East. The Kurdish and Palestinian struggles share a long history of friendship stretching back over 50 years, and Bayik expresses the solidarity and support of the Kurdish movement for the Palestinian people against the genocidal occupation of the Israeli state.

Camil Bayik Interview Jan 2024 A5 V2