October 2021| Michel P. Pimbert| Regenerating Kurdish Ecologies through Food Sovereignty, Agroecology, and Economies of Care

People’s initiative to promote ecological approaches to agriculture and the re-localization of decentralized food systems are remarkable in war-torn Kurdistan. Efforts to generate Kurdish ecologies through agroecology, food sovereignty, and economies of care are uniquely based on traditions of social ecology, a rejection of patriarchal relations, and democratic confederalism.

Kurdish ecological initiatives in food, agriculture, and land use are uniquely rooted in democratic confederalism, libertarian municipalism, and the rejection of patriarchal relations. This Kurdish version of food sovereignty affirms the right of men and women to democratically govern themselves and co-produce local food systems, ecologies, economies, knowledge, and culture. Decentralized, distributed, and democratic decision-making is crucial for reviving and sustaining diverse ecologies associated with food, farming, pastoralism, and other forms of land use. Moreover, Kurdish agroecological practices that re-localize food systems help reduce carbon and ecological footprints while enhancing food and nutritional security.

Kurdish ecological initiatives that regenerate the diversity of nature and culture in food and agriculture offer important insights for global social movements working for food sovereignty, agroecology, and economies of care based on de-growth and gender justice. In turn, these global solidarity movements can help Kurdish communities strengthen their struggle to develop life affirmative and just alternatives to the ever-expanding process of commodification of nature and social relations.

The following text represents pages 115-132 of the book Ecological Solidarity in the Kurdish Freedom Movement: Thought, Practice, Challenges, and Opportunities, published in October 2021, and edited by Stephen E Hunt with contributions from 21 different authors.

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