Violence against women is a structural phenomenon that comes into existence as a consequence of hegemonic patriarchal society. The history of violence dates back to very old times. In the course of time, all ideologies in quest of domination have redesigned this historical phenomenon preserving the inequality relationship at all times and keeping violence against women among the fundamental ideological arguments of every period.

Within this social process dominated by strength and authority based on power, the phenomenon of violence has sought to take the female body, will, thought and emotions under control. And on the basis of experience gathered throughout the course of history, the dominating ideology has aspired to construct itself over this underlying mechanism of control. This structural male violence has now become one of the pillars of capitalist modernity and institutionalized itself as a prototype of the oppressor-oppressed relationship.

Violence against women continues to exist as a basic fact of life in Kurdistan, the Middle East, Turkey and ultimately all over the world, with particular characteristics that may vary from region to region but which have the same essence. The crisis of capitalist modernity coupled with the nationalist concerns of nation-states has increased the occurrence and intensity of violence; the way out of this crisis is sought in resorting to fiercer attacks against women’s gains and existence. As many women point out, it is as if the dominating circles are taking action in the spirit of the creators of the “witch hunts”, of the prosecutors, clergy and power-holders of those times. The most basic indicator of this is the attack on women’s gains.

Male violence in our geography is not independent of the current circumstances in the world. Ever since they came to power, the AKP-MHP block has openly stated that it will accept conservative and agreeable women to be representative of women’s will in general and it has made an effort to put this into practice in each and every one of its steps. The AKP-MHP block’s first reaction in every process where it detects a threat against itself, has been to put women’s gains on the target; it has seen violence against women as a way and method of doing away with these threats. And all of these ways and methods endure as a part of femicide today. The actions taken upon the declaration

(January – September 2021)

Download the full report here: Fact Finding Report On Male_State Violence Against Women In Kurdistan 2021