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Developments in recent decades have proven that without solving the Kurdish question many of the problems in Turkey and the Middle East cannot be solved. Abdullah Öcalan is not only a strong leader and a symbol of freedom for Kurds, he is also the only person who has proposed a comprehensive program to achieve democratization and peace in the region. Therefore, since Abdullah Öcalan was abducted and placed in İmralı Island Prison in 1999, the Kurdish people and their friends around the world struggle to end his isolation and imprisonment, while promoting a just and political solution to the Kurdish question.

The last mass protest that aimed to end the isolation of Abdullah Öcalan occurred in 2018/19, when Leyla Güven, an MP of HDP (Peoples’ Democracy Party) initiated a hunger strike. Over three thousand people in prison and all around the world joined this hunger strike, which lasted two hundred days, with eight people losing their lives. As part of the International Initiative, we issued the “Call for Ending the Isolation of Abdullah Öcalan and all Political Prisoners”, on 12 January 2019, to direct attention to the hunger strike and its demands. There was widespread support around the world, and, on 23 January 2019, fifty Nobel Prize laureates declared with a separate statement that they supported our call. As a result of the hunger strike, the isolation of Öcalan was temporarily lifted, allowing his lawyers to visit him five times.

However, despite the repeated promise of the Turkish authorities to no longer enforce arbitrary restrictions on Öcalan’s legal right to receive visits from his family and lawyers, in 2020, Öcalan was allowed only one visit and one telephone call. Kurdish people recognize the connection between the aggression they experience and Abdullah Öcalan’s aggravated isolation. Hence it came as no surprise to them that Öcalan’s isolation is accompanied by Turkey’s invasion of several cities in Kurdish-populated northern Syria, air strikes against the Kurdish autonomous region in Iraq and mass arrests, extra judicial killings, and torture of Kurds in Turkey.

Despite being bound by the European Convention on Human Rights and thus the decisions of Council of Europe bodies, including the CPT, Turkey is unhindered in its continued use of İmralı Island Prison as a site of lawlessness. The longer Öcalan can be kept in isolation without Turkey receiving any sanctions from Europe, whose human rights criteria Turkey committed itself to meeting, the more Turkey feels that it can repress and attack Kurds without experiencing any repercussions.

In the message Öcalan delivered to his lawyers during their first visit after the hunger strike, he reiterated his call for social reconciliation and peace negotiations: “The creation of geographies based on ethnicity and a single nation is an inhuman fabrication of modernity that denies our roots and our origins,” he wrote. “A great responsibility falls on all of us to create an equal, free and democratic country of all peoples and cultures.”

Today, 10 December 2020, marks seventy-two years since the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948. We have again not heard from Abdullah Öcalan, and today marks thirteen days since a new hunger strike began in prisons all over Turkey. We insist that Öcalan can and must play a central role in any effort to end the isolation of the Kurdish people and to create an environment where all people in Turkey and the greater Middle East can coexist peacefully.

Our demand for Öcalan’s freedom finds increasing support as he makes his way into different intellectual and political milieus and the practice in different locations through his books, translated into a number of languages. It is due to the resonance of his ideas in the hearts and minds of people that our latest appeal for Öcalan’s freedom was signed by a diversity of democrats, defenders of peace and activists from around the world.

We call on everyone to push this demand forward and to not let up until the regime at the İmralı Island Prison is brought down and our goals are achieved: Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan—Peace in Kurdistan.

International Initiative “Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan—Peace in Kurdistan”
Cologne, 10 December 2020

The Time Has Come – Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan”

Signature Campaign

The Time Has Come: Freedom for Abdullah ÖcalanBetween 2013 and 2015, a staggering 10.3 million people worldwide signed the following statement:

I support the demand “Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan and the political prisoners in Turkey”. Öcalan’s freedom will mark a breakthrough for the democratization of Turkey and peace in Kurdistan. 

In 2015, after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan ended several years of talks between the Turkish state, Abdullah Öcalan, and the PKK, he launched a new stage of aggressive and violent escalation in Turkey, Iraq, and Syria. In recent months Erdoğan waged war not only against the Kurds but all the neighbours of Turkey including Libya, Cyprus, the border with Greece and Nagorno-Karabakh/Artsakh.

Meanwhile, the people of North and East Syria, inspired by Öcalan and his prison writings, have transformed their land into a major bastion of peaceful coexistence and democracy despite Turkey’s constant and ongoing military attacks.

Öcalan’s ongoing incarceration and the inhumane isolation to which he remains subjected, the massive repression inside the Kurdish regions of Turkey and the attacks on North and East Syria are all aspects of the same overall approach taken by the Turkish state: to attack the forces of democracy and especially the Kurds by all means possible.

Unfortunately, international institutions have refrained from providing an adequate response to this deteriorating situation and the Council of Europe along with the European Court for Human Rights and the Committee against Torture (CPT) have all failed to guarantee even the most basic human rights for Abdullah Öcalan on İmralı Island.

Abdullah Öcalan is the most important symbol of the struggle against the repression of freedom and democracy in Turkey and the wider Middle East. His firm stand for peaceful coexistence, his relentless efforts for a peaceful resolution of the conflict between the Kurds and the Turkish state have proven to be effective. This makes his freedom ever more important for all peace-loving people.

This is why we say: The Time Has Come—Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan!

Please support us with your signature and join the struggle for freedom, democracy and peace for the Kurds and all peoples of the Middle East.

Carry this message to your local councils, assemblies, trade unions, community organizations, parties and persuade them to join the worldwide chorus of voices for Öcalan’s freedom.


Signatories by 10 December 2020


Associazione Giuristi Democratici (Democratic Lawyers), Italy; COBAS (Confederation of trade unions), Italy; COBAS (teachers union, Italy); CSDA (Coordination for Support of Afghan women), Italy; CUB (trade union confederation), Italy; Partito della Rifondazione Comunista (PRC) Italy; PSI (Italian Socialist Party, Parma branch); Potere al Popolo! (Power to the People, Parma branch); Scuola popolare Antonio Gramsci, Ghilarza, Sardinia; Sinistra Italiana (Italian Left, party); USI – CIT (trade union), Italy; Sindicatos de Trabajadores de la Enseñanza (STEs-Intersindical), Spain; Confederación Sindical Solidaridad Obrera, Spain; Confederación General der Trabajo en el Estado Español (CGT), Spain; Confederación Intersindical, Spain; Intersindical Valenciana;  Asociación Libre de Abogadas y Abogados (ALA), Spain; Confederación Nacional del Trabajo (CNT), Spain; CGT Metal Madrid, Spain; CNT Norte, Spain; CNT Santander; Festiclown, Galicia; Pallasos en Rebeldia, Spain; Coordinación de Apoyo al Pueblo Mapuche, Madrid, Spain.


ARGENTINA | Néstor A. López, Comunizar; Alberto Bonnet, professor and researcher, Buenos Aires; Andrés Ruggeri, antropologist, Buenos Aires | AUSTRIA | Prof. G. M. Tamás, philosopher, Central European University, Budapest/Wien

BRAZIL | Ricardo Antunes, sociologist, University of Saō Paolo, Brazil; Armando Boito Júnior, professor, faculty of political sciences, Saō Paolo;

DENMARK | Nils Vest, Film director; Karina Lorentzen Dehnhardt, Member of Danish Parliament for the Socialist People Party; Mette Knudsen, Film director; Per Nørgaard Kristensen, Board of the Red-Green Aliance Party, Roskilde; Klaus Schulte, Lektor Emeritus, Roskilde University, Department of Communication and Arts; Tue Magnussen,The Danish Anti-Torture-support foundation;Steen Folke, retired senior scientist, Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS), and former member of parliament for the Red-Green Allience Party;Jørgen Holst, Member of the Zeeland Regional Council, for theDanish Parliament for the Red-Green Allience Party; Theresa Olesen, Board of the Red-Green Alliance Party, Roskilde; Anne Haarløv, Author; Leif Borg Hansen, Priest, social debater; Marianne Olsen,editor of SOS Against Racism, translator, debater; Villy Søvndal, Former Foreign Affair Minister; Uffe Elbæk, Member of Danish Parliament for Independent Greens;Janos Ekia Rasmussen,Danish author, 2019 Nordic Council Literature Prize; Annika Smith: City Council of Copenhagen for the Socialist People Party; Jørgen Primdahl: Professor, Copenhagen University, Department of Geoscience and Nature Management; Eva Flyvholm, Member of Parliament, Foreign Policy spokeperson for the Red-Green Allience Party; Christian Juhl, Member of the Parliament, Development Policy spokeperson for the Red-Green Alliance; Rosa Lund, Member of the Parliament, legal rapporteur for the Red-Green Alliance Party; Villo Sigurdsson, Former Mayor in Copenhagen for the Socialist People’s Party; Pernille Frahm, Former MEP and member of Danish Parliament for the Socialist People’s Party; Holger K. Nielsen: Former Foreign Affairs and Minister of Taxation; Ulla Sandbæk, Member of Danish Parliament for the Independent Greens; Sune Dalsgaard Christiansen, Project Manager in Amnesty International Denmark; Dr. Tove Skutnabb-Kangas, researcher, lecturer, and writer.

FINLAND | Barry K. Gills, professor of Development Studies, University of Helsinki; Anna Kontula; MEP, Left Alliance; Antti Rautiainen, activist, author, anarchist; Emilia Kukkala, journalist, author, blogger; Henrik Jaakkola, general secretary, Left Youth; Ilkka Aho, artist and painter, SKP; Ilkka Jaakkola, development manager, CoopNet Initiative; Jiri Mäntysalo, Chairperson of the Communist Youth; Juha Pekka Väisänen, Leader of Finnish Communist Party (SKP); Jukka Ahokas, SKP; Jukka Peltokoski; Doctor of Political Science, writer; Liban Sheikh; Chairperson of the Left Youth; Mai Kivelä; MEP and activist, Left Alliance; Merja Kyllönen; MP and MEP, Left Alliance, former Minister of Transport; Mervi Grönfors, Early childhood educator; Olli Tammilehto, Freelance writer and researcher; Paavo Arhinmäki, MP. Left Alliance, former Minister for Culture and Sport; Petra Packalén, Editor-in-Chief of Tiedonantaja; Pia Lohikoski, MP, Left Alliance; Pieta Hyvärinen, M.Soc.Sc, Doctoral researcher, Faculty of Social Sciences; University of Tampere;  Sami Muttilainen, City Council of Helsinki, Province Council of Uusimaa; Syksy Räsänen, Cosmologist and activist, University of Helsinki, Chairperson of ICAHD, Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions; Teemu Matinpuro; CEO, Finnish Peace Committee; Toni Kallioinen; Vice Chairperson, Communist Youth; Yrjö Hakanen, former leader of Finnish communist party (SKP); Dr Heikki Kurttila.

GERMANY | Dario Azzellini, political scientist and sociologist; Prof. Dr. Werner Ruf, political scientist; Tomasz Konicz, author and journalist; Claus Schreer, Münchner Bündnis gegen Krieg und Rassismus; Prof. Dr. Michael Meyen, University of München; Dr. Friederike Habermann, writer; Dr. Heinz Jürgen Schneider, lawyer and writer, Hamburg; Heike Geisweid, lawyer; Prof. Dr. jur. Lothar Zechlin, constitutional law; Andrej Hunko, Die Linke, MP, member of PACE; Tim Engels, lawyer, Düsseldorf; Prof. Dr. Andreas Fischer-Lescano, University of Bremen; Thomas Kilpper, Professor, Bergen University Faculty of Art, Music and Design, KMD; Dr. Rolf Gössner, lawyer and publicist

IRELAND | Richard Buttevant, Unemployed Workers Group; Seamus Seamas Carraher, poet and activist. | ITALY | Giovanni Russo Spena, former MP and senator, university teacher; Laura Schrader, writer; Laura Corradi, professor, University of Calabria; Silvana Barbieri, Punto rosso cultural association and publishing house; Luigi Lucchi, mayor of Berceto; Eleonora De Majo, head of department of culture, Napoli; Gian Luigi Deiana, Professor, Antonio Gramisci school; Simonetta Crisci, lawyer; Arturo Salerni, lawyer; Giovanni Motta, lawyer; Laura Quagliuolo , CISDA (Comite for Solidarity with Women from Afghanistan); Roberto Mapelli, Punto rosso cultural association and publishing house; Rino Malinconico, philosopher and writer; Federico Venturini, writer, member of İmralı Peace Delegation; Hazal Koyuncuer, North Italy secretary of CUB; Antonio Ruggieri, editor, il bene comune; Andrea Cegna, journalist; Yilmaz Orkan, Kurdistan Information Bureau; Daniele Fini, researcher, Italy; Maurizio Acerbo, genel secretary; PRC; Vittorio Agnoletto, former MEP, head of Kurdish friendship group; Mario Agostinelli, Chairman of Laudato sì; Cesare Antetomaso, Democratic Lawyers Association; Benedetta Argentieri, journalist and documentary filmmaker; Gaetano Azzariti, expert on constitutional law; Sergio Bassoli- CGIL foreign relations; Raffaella Bolini, ARCI , World Social Forum; Marina Boscaino, teacher, head of committee for autonomy and diversity; Susanna Camusso, foreign relations, CGIL; Paola Capobianco, judge; Mimmo Caporusso, secretary general, Left Party of Italy; Luciana Castellina, former MP, journalist, writer; Giusto Catania, former MEP, Palermo;Francesca Chiavacci, president of ARCI; Marco Consolo, head of foreign relations, PRC; Giuseppe De Cristofaro, undersecretary, ministry of education; Luigi De Magistris, mayor of Naples; Loredana De Petris, Senator, head of independent group; José Luiz Del Rojo, historian, former senator of Brazil; Giuseppe Di Lello, former MEP, anti-mafia-judge; Nicoletta Dosio, “NoTav” movement. Fantozzi Pietro, lecturer, Calabria University; Luigi Ferrajoli, lawyer; Gianni Ferrara, expert on constitutional law; Eleonora Forenza, former MEP; Nicola Fratoianni, MP, spokesperson of the Italian Left Party; Andrea Fumagalli, economist, Pavia University; Domenico Gallo, head of section at appelation court; Silvio Gambino, lecturer, Calabria Universitesi; Nicoletta Gandus, former judge; Lino Gentile, Mayor of Castel del Giudice; Massimiliano Ilari, secretary general, USI (trade union); Francesco Laforgia, senator; Roberto Lamacchia, chairman of Democratic Lawyers Association; Raniero Lavalle, former MP, journalist; Giampiero Leo, head of Piemonte human right commission; Lucano Domenico, former mayor of Riace; Simona Maggiorelli, editor of “Left” magazine; Pierfrancesco Majorino, MEP; Luigi Malabarba, former senator, Eski senator, RiMaflow movement; Carmine Malinconico, lawyer; Ramon Mantovani, former MP, member of PRC; Fabio Marcelli, board of Institute for International Law Studies; Nicola Marrone, mayor of Castelbottaccio; Stefano Maruca, head of foreign relations FIOM, (metal workers trade union); Citto Maselli, director; Francesca Menna, head of department for civil rights, health and equality, Napoli municipality; Marco Miccoli, secretary, Democrat Parti; Emilio Molinari, former MP and senator; movement for free municipal services; Monguzzi Carlo, Milano city council member; Walter Montagnoli, executive of CUB trade union; Luisa Morgantini, former vice-president of European Parliament; Roberto Musacchio, former MP; Transform Italia; Saverio Nonno, mayor or Fossalto; Paola Nugnes, Senator; Valentina Orazzini, european foreign relations office of FIOM; Moni Ovadia, Artist; Giovanni Paglia, former MP, general secretary; Left Party; Erasmo Palazzotto, MP, Milletvekili, “Free and Equal” group; Giuliano Pisapia, MEP; former mayor of Milan; Öcalan’s lawyer; Donatello Santarone, Roma Tre University; Luigi Saraceni, Öcalan’s lawyer; Doriana Sarli, veterinarian, former MP; Sergio Bassoli; Massimiliano Smeriglio, MEP, Liberare Roma; Barbara Spinelli, lawyer; Susanna Camusso, CGIL; Gianni Tamino, former MP, professor; Roberta Turi, secretary of FIOM, Milan; Franco Uda, vice-president ARCI; Fulvio Vassallo Paleologo, vice-chair (ADIF); Luigi Vinci, former MEP, founder of Kurdish friendship group; Zerocalcare, caricaturist and author; Fabiana Simonelli, artist.

MEXICO | David Barkin, Profesor Distinguido, Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana- Unidad Xochimilco, Ciudad de México, Gilberto Conde Zambada, Centro de Estudios de Asia y África de El Colegio de México; John Holloway, Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla, México; Sergio Tischler Visquerra, sociologist, Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla, Mexico; Francesca Gargallo di Castel Lentini, writer, Ciudad de México; Fernanda Navarro, Philosophy teacher in the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México; María Lois, Universidad Complutense de Madrid; Alfonso García Vela, sociologist, México; Dr. Fernando Matamoros Ponce Profesor-investigador Posgrado de Sociología, Instituto de Ciencias Sociales y Humanidades (ICSyH), Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla (BUAP); Ines Duran Matute, Sociologist; Jess Rangel, activist; Pablo Armada Fraga.

NETHERLANDS | Dr. Jonas Staal, artist and founder New World Summit.

NORWAY | Petter Eide, Member of Parliament, The Socialist Left Party; Bjørnar Moxnes, Member of Parliament, Red Party; Nicholas Wilkinson, Member of Parliament, The Socialist Left Party; Torgeir Knag Fylkesnes, Member of Parliament, The Socialist Left Party; Freddy Øvstegård, Member of Parliament, The Socialist Left Party; Haci Akman, Professor of History, University of Bergen; Kjersti Ericsson, Professor of Criminology, Oslo University; Jorun Gulbrandsen, Educator and Author; Dag Solstad, Author; Therese Bjørneboe, Editor; Jan Olav Andersen, Union leader in the Electricity and IT Association; Tore Linné Eriksen, historian and professor; Torstein Dahle, Assistant Professor; Thomas Hylland Eriksen, Professor of social anthropology; Knut Nærum, Author; Seher Aydar, Deputy Member of Parliament, Petter Gottschalk, Professor; Heidi Marie Kriznik, leader of the Norwegian Writers’ Association; Magnus Engen Marsdal, Head of Manifest tankesmie; Martin «Don Martin» Ahzami Raknerud, Rapper; Hanan Bennammar, Visual Artist; Jan Erik Vold, Author; Knut Kjeldstadli, Professor; Bernt Hagtvedt, Professor; Olav Asheim, Professor; Sofia Rana, Oslo City council representative; Heidi Larsen, Deputy leader, Akershus city, Socialist Left Party; Heming Olaussen, politician, Socialist Left Party, Oslo; Sara Baban, Theater Artist; Pia Maria Roll, Theater Artist and film director; Iman Meskini, Actress, Skam series; Marlon Langeland, Actor, Skam series; Helle Siljeholm, visual artist/choreographer; Kai Johnsen, Theatre director/Professor at Oslo National Academy of the Arts; Tore Vagn Lid, Theatre director/Professor at Oslo National Academy of the Arts; Sigbjørn Skåden, Sámi writer; Ketil Lund, Commissioner of the International Commission of Jurists; Magnus Myhr, Artist; Egill Pálsson, Artistic director at Hålogaland Theatre; Ali Djabbary, Artist; Martyn Reed, Founder and Director of Nuart; Mette Brantzeg, Theatre director; Rawdna Carita Eira, Sámi writer; Tina Sofie Frostrud, slam poet/artist; Theodor Barth, Professor of Theory and Writing (Dr. Philos. Anthropology), Oslo National Academy of the Arts; Anders Eiebakke, Visual Artist; Siri Austeen, Artist; Carle Lange, Civil architect/professor at Oslo National Academy of the Arts; Ruth Wilhelmine Meyer, Artist; Erling Folkvord, Former MP & Writer; Fadlabi, Artist, Writer and Performer; Øystein Grønning, Architect. Urbanist MNAL, head of AKULBI; Siri Broch Johansen, play writer; Truls Lie, chief editor Ny Tid og Modern Times Review; Sindre Bangstad, Anthropologist; Asbjørn Grønstad, Professor University of Bergen; Vanessa Baird, Artist; Stig Berntsen, Chief shop steward in the Trade Union / Deputy leader of the Trade Union Health, Social and Welfare; Mariann Enge, editor and critic; Marius Kolbenstvedt, Theatre Director; Shwan Dler Qaradaqai, Visual Artist; Elias Tchaba (Unge Beirut), Artist; Kariane Westrheim, Chair, EU Turkey Civic Commission (EUTCC), Professor of Education, Bergen University.

SERBIA | Olga Dragash, Red Initiative.

SPAIN | Miguel Urbán Crespo, Anticapitalistas, MEP; Esperanza Muñoz Valle, lawyer and human rights acitivist; Marina del Socorro González Bustamante, music professor; Ana Miranda Paz, Galician Nationalist Bloc, MEP; Ohiana Etxebarrieta, EH Bildu, MP Basque parliament, President of the Kurdish friendship group; Ana Isabel Gonzales Fontela, Biologist; Alba Sotorra, director, Catalonia; Arcadi Oliveres, Autonomous University Barcelona, Catalonia; Gonzalo Tena, professor; Heriberto Cairo, Professor, Universidad Complutense de Madrid; Iker García Urbina, Comité de Solidaridad con los pueblos;

SWITZERLAND | Franco Cavalli, professor of medicine, former MP;

UNITED KINGDOM Dr Thomas Jeffrey Miley, Cambridge University; Geoff Shears, Vice-Chair, Centre for Labour and Social Studies; Dr Thomas Phillips, Liverpool John Moore University; David Whyte, Professor of Socio-legal Studies, University of Liverpool; Anthony Killic, Liverpool John Moores University; Dr Sofia Cavandoili, Liverpool John Moores University; Nick Hildyard, Policy Adviser; Dr Felix Padel, researcher; Trevor Rayne, writer; David Morgan, journalist; Dr Tom Wakeford, “Peoples Knowledge”, Coventry University

Larry Lohman, writer, The Corner House; Stephen Smellie, PIK Trade Union Liaison Officer; | SPAIN | Miguel Urbán Crespo, Anticapitalistas, MEP; Esperanza Muñoz Valle, lawyer and human rights acitivist; Marina del Socorro González Bustamante, music professor; Ana Miranda Paz, Galician Nationalist Bloc, MEP; Ohiana Etxebarrieta, EH Bildu, MP Basque parliament, President of the Kurdish friendship group; Ana Isabel Gonzales Fontela, Biologist; Alba Sotorra, director, Catalonia; Arcadi Oliveres, Autonomous University Barcelona, Catalonia; Gonzalo Tena, professor; Heriberto Cairo, Professor, Universidad Complutense de Madrid; Iker García Urbina, Comité de Solidaridad con los pueblos; Prof Mary Davis, Visiting Professor of Labour History at Royal Holloway University of London; Dr Derek Wall, writer; Maxine Peake, actress; Baroness Blower of Starch Green, former GS NUT; Father Joe Ryan;Steve Sweeney, International Editor, Morning Star; Margaret Owen OBE, barrister; Dr Radha D’Souza, Professor of International Law, Development and Conflict Studies, University of Westminster; Navnit Dholakia, Lord Dholakia, Liberal Democrats, House of Lords; Bruce Kent, peace campaigner; Sarah Parker, human rights campaigner;

Jonathan Bloch, writer; Keith White, North East Five UNITE; Zaher Bahar, writer; Nicola Ellis; Ian Parker, FIIMG, Manchester; Geoff Ryan, Anti Capitalist Resistance; Nick Bray, member of UNISON; Annette Lawson OBE, UK Feminist Campaigner; Julie Ward, former MEP; Prof Bill Bowring, Birckbeck University; Loqman Radpey, PhD (candidate), Edinburgh Law School; Alex Pillen, Associate Professor, Linguistic Anthropology, University College London; Connor Hayes, PhD student; Dr Julia Pascal, Playwright and Theatre Director; Dr Jennifer Langer, Director, Exiled Writers Inc; Alexandra Lort Phillips, Producer, Yard Heads Ltd; Nasrin Parvaz, Iranian Poet, Author; William Drummond, Artist; Nicholas S.M.Matheou, Institute of Historical Research; Neil Taylor, solicitor, journalist; Daniel Jakopovich, Peace and Disarmament Programme Manager, Quaker Peace and Social Witness; Roza Salih, Scottish Solidarity with Kurdistan Committee; John Tsangari, Greek-Kurdish Solidarity; Andreas Gavrilidies, Greek-Kurdish Solidarity; Yashar Ismailoglu, Greek-Cypriot Solidarity; Dafydd Iwan, Former President Plaid Cymru; Dr Les Levidow, Open University; Aonghas MacNeacail, Scottish Gaelic poet; Mike Mansfield QC, Barrister

Doug Nicholls, General Secretary, GFTU; Conor Murphy, Sinn Fein MLA; Tony Simpson, Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation; Jonathan Steele, journalist; Gianni Tognoni, General Secretary Permanent People’s Tribunal; Emily Apple, journalist; Lisa Egret, journalist; Tom Anderson, journalist; Lindsey German, Convenor Stop the War Coalition; Dr Amber Huff, Researcher, University of Sussex, Observatory Group; Richard Norton-Taylor, Defence and security analyst; Noura Raad, European Network of Migrant Women (ENMW); Anne Gray, Campaign Against Criminalising Communities; Baroness Tonge, House of Lords; Baroness Jones, House of Lords; Margaret Healy, PPTribunal on refugees, London steering group; Andrew Feinstein, former ANC MP.

SWEDEN | Göran Greider, editor-in-Chief Dalademokraten; Ylva Gustafsson, actor; Jerker Bexelius, Gaaltije; Alexandra Gard, municipal councilor; Erik Lennestål, pastor; Ann-Christine Hallström, chairperson of the Swedish Trade Union Confederation (LO-Söderhamn); Barbro Andersson, chairman Kommunal Mitt; Leonie Struyk, Handels trade union; Stig Henriksson, Former MP left party; Jacob Johnson, Former MP left party; Anders K Gustafsson, Journalist, Cultural Editor Falu Kuriren; Per Markus Risman, left party; Ann-Margarethe Livh, Former City Councilor, Stockholm; Daniel Riazat, Member of Parliament, left party; Lorena Delgado Varas, Member of Parliament, Left Party; Tony Haddou, Member of Parliament Left Party; Eva Lindberg, chairperson Regional Council, Söderhamn; Sven-Erik Lindestam, former Municipal Councilor, Söderhamn; Ellen Gustafsson, sociologist; Mattias Gustavsson, teacher; Anton Larsson, KF member Left Party; Benny Gustafsson, Chairman Supporting committee; Gunilla Karlsson, Local politics; GunBritt Wallström, Regional politics; Ingemar Gustafsson, District Manager; Amineh Kakabaveh, Member of Parliament; Martha Wiklund, Municipal council; Marianne Isaksson, Supporting committee; Milton Muigai, ICT engineer; Leopold Låby, Spec. designer; Dana Marouf, Theater Director; Aisha Didar Göktepe, Interpreter, Journalist; Nadia Salah, Behavioral scientists; Nusin Balik, educator; Viyan Saleh, teacher; Hawar Hadji, engineer; Jine Hameed, author; Kemal Görgu, actor; Murad Artin, member of the City Council, Örebro; Anders Lindh, district chairman Östergötland; Miran Kakaee, lawyer; Lave Gelo, economist

URUGUAY | Raul Zibechi, journalist and writer. | USA | Andrej Grubačić, professor of anthropology; Prof Dr. Michael Gunter, Secretary-General, EU Turkey Civic Commission (EUTCC).