Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan’s close friend, Dr. Eleni Theocharou shares her memories. Dr. Eleni Theocharou interviewed by journalist Erem Kansoy.

The interview was prepared with the support of the Freedom for Ocalan Campaign and the Peace in Kurdistan campaign in collaboration with Medya Haber TV and Sterk TV.

Peace in Kurdistan – https://www.peaceinkurdistancampaign.com

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Prof. Eleni Theocharou MD, Ph D, BCETS, Paediatric Surgeon-Paediatric Urologist, Doctor of Medicine, Aristotelion University Greece, 1977. MP-Democratic Rally 2001-2006 and 2006. Chair – Committee of Health, Vice Chair – Committee of Foreign Affairs, Cyprus Parliament. Professor of Surgery, 1992-2001, Thrace University Medical School. Philosophy, School of Philosophy and Literature, Aristotelion University. Well known Poetess in Cyprus and Greece – twice First State Poetry Award. Human Rights Activist for the last 25 years, volunteer surgeon in war and natural catastrophes fields(Nagorno Karabakh , Caucasus Region, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Albania, Southern Lebanon, the Gaza Strip, West Bank, Iraq, Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique, Central Asia, the South Pacific, Haiti, Argentina, Sri-Lanka) Visiting Professor in many Asian Universities, teaching Paediatric Surgery. Worked on projects in the sub-Saharan Africa for AIDS prevention and treatment. MEP since 2009.


Watch: https://youtu.be/nfsrqYE_MGQ