The imprisoned Kurdish political leader and thinker Abdullah Öcalan has played a historic role in the development of the Kurdish women’s movement. His analyses of patriarchy, and its relationship to capitalism, the state, and the family have shaped the theory and practice of the Kurdish liberation struggle since the beginning. At the same time, his practice continues to be informed by his desire to be a genuine comrade to free women, with whom he wants to build free life for all.

In this webinar, Havin Güneser discusses Öcalan’s women’s liberationist ideas and practice over the course of several decades. Why and how does Öcalan view women’s revolution as a vital need in the quest for freedom? In what ways did he encourage women’s autonomous organisation? What is the Kurdish women’s movement’s relationship to Öcalan today?

Havin Güneser is an engineer, journalist and women’s activist. She is a spokesperson of the International Initiative ‘Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan – Peace in Kurdistan’ and translator of several of Abdullah Öcalan’s books. Her forthcoming book ‘The Art of Freedom: A Brief History of the Kurdish Liberation Struggle’ is available for pre-order from PM Press.