Dear all,

Today, the KCK published a statement calling for an increased struggle against the imprisonment of Abdullah Öcalan on the Turkish prison island Imrali and for immediate news about his current situation.

In the statement, the KCK holds international institutions responsible for Abdullah Öcalan`s situation: “The Council of Europe and the CPT, both of which have responsibility for the situation on Imrali and in all prisons in Turkey, as well as all human rights organizations and the country’s parliamentary prison commission, must visit Imrali and all other prisons and share their findings with the public. The fact that no information about the situation on Imrali and Rêber Apo’s state of health is being released to the outside world is a cause of great concern for everyone, especially for Rêber Apo’s family and the people.”


You can find the whole statement here:


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Azad Serdar

KCK Press Office
twitter: @KckFriends