Latest news update from the Democratic Union Party (PYD) West Kurdistan Media & Public Affairs Office –Europe.


News Briefing Regarding Events in West Kurdistan (Northern Syria)


Head Lines

  • People Protection Units (YPG) campaign
  • Mercenary groups of the Islamic state in Iraq and the Levant ( ISIL)Shame wall between Rojava and north Kurdistan
  • Shame Wall!
  • Cultural & educational activities


People Protection Units (YPG) campaign

Serê Kaniyê – Til Halaf, Hamo, Twaimiyeh, Hardan, Aziziah and Til Arqam villages have all been liberated by YPG & YPJ units, the liberation campaign (named: loyalty to the Serê Kaniyê martyrs) is continuing. So far 19 villages in the Serê Kaniyê region have been liberated from Al Nusra and the Islamic state in Iraq and Levant (ISIL).

Efrîn- YPG fighters have carried out two special operations against the armed groups affiliated to ISIL in the villages of Marin and Yazibag (Qastal Jindo surrounding). 17 ISIL-members were killed.

Mercenary groups of the Islamic state in Iraq and the Levant ( ISIL)

According to NRT TV, last week 500 mercenaries have joined the Islamic state in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) via the South Kurdistan boarder. The same source confirms that these groups secretly settled in South Kurdistan in Al Musil, Kekuk, Diala, Daquq, Rashad, Ryaz, Houaija, Hamrin mountain and that they are equipped with heavy weapons.

Girkê Legê – Two children died in Rumilan Basha village as a mine buried by the ISIL and Al Nusra exploded. During the ISIL/AN occupation of the village several mines were planted.

Shame Wall!

Derbasiyê – The reactions against the building of a wall of shame are strong in Turkey, the Kurds of North Kurdistan (Southeast Turkey) are strongly condemning Turkey for trying to separate Rojava from North Kurdistan.

Qamishlo – The building of a wall separating Rojava from North Kurdistan have likewise been met with condemnation by the people of Qamishlo. The people of Qamishlo have expressed their support for Mrs. Ayse Gokkan (mayor of Nusaybin city) protest to the wall and her hunger strike now entering its sixth day.

Serê Kaniyê – the Kurdish student confederation has released a signature gathering camping for solidarty with Ayse Gokkan under the slogan: ‘’ we are all Ayse Gokkan’’.

Hundreds of people come back to their home in Rojava

Efrin (Afrin) – In the recent days, hundreds of people have come back from Turkey to the Efrin region due to dire living conditions.

It is noteworthy that they mentioned that they were blackmailed by Turkish army guards and smugglers together. Turkish guards refused to let them through the border and smugglers were asking them for money to let them cross.

Cultural & educational activities

Qamishlo-The poet Taha Xelin recited poems in Arabic and Kurdish at the Bahar forum for culture and art, several prominent figures attended the Evening of poetry.

Al Hasake – A meeting was held in the Al Mofti district by the artists union, dozens of artists attended the meeting. A committee was formed to supervise activities regarding the arts.

SZK – the Kurdish Language institution (SZK) has distributed Kurdish language certificates for 350 students in Al-hasake city and 250 students in Kocharat region in Derik city. The Health committee have also distributed nursery certificate for 30 trainees at the youth center in Al Hasake and 45 trainees in Kocharat region.