BDP Foreign Affairs Commission chair, Nasmi Gur, issued this statement on the atrocities in Sirnak/Uludere to the international community on 29 December 2011:

Dear Friends,

38 children and youngsters have lost their lives in Sirnak/Uludere following the bombardment of Turkish warplanes in Roboski village. The source of income of the civilians who lost their lives is the border trade on a small scale. They are known by “the security forces” and the local governors. The AKP government and the other state institutions that are responsible for this massacre are in the effort of covering up this crime against humanity. The attitude of the Turkish mass media on the issue is fatal.

Therefore Peace and Democracy Party (BDP-Baris ve Demokrasi Partisi) calls on;

1- European Union, Council of Europe and Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) and the other European institutions to put the issue on their agenda and react.

2- United Nations (UN) and UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (UNCHR) in Geneva to investigate this massacre.

3- All the International Human Rights Organisations to provide investigator delegations in order to find out the accountants of the massacre.

4- International Public opinion to act in solidarity with the Kurdish People and react against the massacre.

Yours sincerely,

Nazmi Gur

MP For Van, Chair of the BDP Foreign Affairs Commission