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May 1st – International Labour Day to the working class – has always been marked by expressions of international solidarity as part of the global struggle for a free, just and equal world. May Day stands for unity in the local struggles against oppression and exploitation on a global scale and for overcoming once and for all those artificially constructed national borders, as well as all the ideological obstacles that exist in our minds. May Day stands for a collective consciousness of the people worldwide against aggressive militarism and the exploitative policies of the world’s rulers, who fear nothing more than the unity of the peoples in struggle.
The social project of the Kurdish Freedom Movement that is being put into effect in Rojava,Northern Syria, has become a beacon of global solidarity in recent years. A social model that is founded firmly on democracy, ecology and women’s liberation has been established, which makes possible a common and free life of all the peoples and religious communities. As a result, Rojava has become a genuine hope not only for the peoples of the Middle East but for people worldwide who believe that a better world is possible. Millions across the globe have taken to the streets in recent months in solidarity with Rojava. Countless people from various countries have travelled to Rojava to become part of the revolution.
The fear of the rulers of this world, whose power depends on maintaining the division, the exploitation and oppression of human beings, of a revolution with the resonance of Rojava is enormous. Therefore, it is not surprising that these rulers are quick to forget their internal conflicts in order to join up against the achievements of Rojava. That’s exactly the message of what happened in Afrin, northern Syria.
The Turkish Army, together with Islamist gangs, attacked the region from the ground and from the air. The operation received the green light from Russia, which opened the airspace over Afrin. Turkey, equipped with tanks of the NATO, carried out massacres against the civilian population, while the rest of the so-called international community remained inactive watching this war of occupation despite it being in flagrant breach of international law.
Even now, as Turkey continues to commit war crimes and ethnic cleansing in Afrin, the continuing silence of the international community is stark. But that does not surprise us. We know that they consider all Rojava a threat to their ability to hold on to power. People know very well that spreading the ideas of the Rojava Revolution not only fuels the hopes of a better world but also poses a real threat to the unjust and exploitative relations of power that exist on a global scale.
But Turkey is not only limiting its occupation and attacks to northern Syria but has advanced militarily in southern Kurdistan / northern Iraq for several weeks, occupying Iraqi lands and bombing its civilian population. So far, dozens of Kurdish civilians have been murdered by the Turkish army’s air strikes.
Turkey finances its dirty war against the Kurds and the democratic forces through a lucrative mass tourism industry. The cash that is flowing into Turkish tourism is used for the funding of wars and massacres.
Our response to their wars can and will, therefore, be to strengthen our international solidarity. We must further expand our international solidarity with the struggle of the Kurdish freedom movement. And we must be able to translate the international solidarity that emerged out of the Rojava Revolution into other areas that demand our common struggle against oppression and exploitation.
It is our duty and obligation as democratic forces to build a global democracy against capitalist exploitation.
Bijî Yek Gulan – Long live May Day!
Boycott Turkish Tourism!
Bijî piştgiriya gelan – Long live the solidarity of the peoples!
Bijî tekoşîna azadî û demokrasî – Long live the struggle for freedom and democracy!

1 May 2018