Our dear friend Margaret Owen;

We greet you with the excitement and enthusiasm of hunger strikes that began with comrade Leyla Guven and which became widespread with us, political prisoners. We send our sincere greetings, love and respect to you and our dear friends who came from the UK together with you and other countries to share the message of solidarity and supported us, the revolutionary prisoners who are on a hunger strike. Together with my five other comrades in this prison, we have been in absolute resistance since December 2018 to break the absolute isolation (quarantine) on our leader. Until this isolation on Leader Apo is not removed, our action will continue at the expense of our death and we will continue.

We are saddened by the fact that valuable human rights defenders like you visited Amed, which is my hometown, and could not meet with Leyla Güven. As you already know and aware that law and justice in the Republic of Turkey is like a theater play. And the isolation in Imrali and the system applied there is shaped according to the political interests of the political power and with this understanding, Imrali isolation is being carried out.

Apart from the hunger strike, no other way and struggle was left. We have entered an indefinite hunger strike due to the attacks on our people, our political struggle and the people of Rojava; arrests, pressures, bombardments on the geography of Kurdistan, inhumane attacks on guerrilla corpses and the arbitrary execution of the civilians.

Dear Margaret, we are proud that you have traveled thousands of kilometers away to support Leyla Güven and all the prisoners who are on hunger strike; and we want you to know that you’ve made us happy. And I also congratulate you on having universal human values.

Hopefully one day, we will see you in free spaces. We invite you to Amed again and you will be our guest. We will surely succeed with this hunger strike. The isolation on the leader Abdullah Öcalan, who offers a rich thought to the oppressed, democracy, freedom and everyone in the world and to the oppressed women in particular, will end. And I thank you for the effort of all socialist friends who came with you and Amed to break this isolation.

With these feelings and thoughts, I send you the most sincere greetings, love and respect. Take good care of yourself. All my friends have many greetings.

With revolutionary greetings and respects,

Sedat Alciçek



(I’ve been in prison for 10 years)


Address: F Type Closed Prison

A-20 Hacilar