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News Briefing Regarding The News and Events in West Kurdistan

Head Lines

  • Democratic Self-Management in three provinces.
  • National Coordination Body and the social contract.
  • A Message from the leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Öcalan to the Armenian people.
  • The “Azadiya Lawn Kurdistan” Organization assures its support for the Rojava revolution.
  • Families of martyrs Conference.
  • Educational and cultural activities.



Democratic Self-Management in three provinces

Behdinan – The co-chair of the executive branch of the transitional government of Rojava praised the treaty of Self-Management in the province of Afrin. In a statement he proclaimed that the ”announcement of the Democratic transitional government in the three provinces is the first time that the people in Syria and in the Middle-east are establishing a just and functional political and social system which will serve as an example for all of Kurdistan, the Middle East and Syria, a form of government which rejects practices of slavery and injustice. No force in the world can dominate the free will of the people. The announcement of a democratic transitional government in the province of Afrin showed to all the extent of determination of the people to lead democratic and free lives. As a result the transitional government in the Afrin canton should be viewed as a symbol of the persistence of our people in all parts of Kurdistan”. The statement also praised and promoted the further participation of women in the revolution in Rojava and her resistance against all forms of force and violence which has made h era major power within the democratic revolution in Syria.

National Coordination Body and the document of the social contract

Center news: Salih Muslim The Co-chair of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) spoke on the recent statement issued by some elements of the national coordinating body which claimed it did not accept the social contract. According to Mr. Mislim this statement does not represent the body of the national coordination saying “There are different views among the affiliates of the coordination body of parties and independent individuals.”

A statement issued on behalf of the executive office of the coordinating body, said: that “The document of the social contract of the Democratic Self-Management is not acceptable because it contradicts with the concept of self-management and the possibilities of its success interferes with the concept of a centralized political state” the statement also pointed out that it “will continue the debate with the concerned Kurdish authorities to amend the document.”

Muslim also noted that “those who issued the statement indicate a lack of understanding of this step correctly but by way of discourse and goodwill and in it won’t be difficult to understand it.”

Muslim also commented that the things which must be changed is “the Mentality, you cannot administrate Syria with an outdated chauvinist mentality”..from our side, we were able to change the mentality of our people and it seems that the task of changing the mentality of our neighbors also falls on us”.

A Message from the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan to the Armenian people

Center news: The Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan sent a message to the Armenian people, which will be published in AGOS newspaper. Ocalan mentioned the violations and atrocities committed by the nation-states in the region during the past hundred years; “the mutual relations among the people of ancient Mesopotamia and Anatolia which dates back to hundreds of years has been dramatically weakened during the past three hundred years. This land was turned into a graveyard for people and cultures because of weaknesses of the nation-state and capitalist modernity. ”

Ocalan described the wave of racism – nationalism as a dagger in the heart of the people. Pointing out that this wave caused the extermination of tens of cultures, languages, people, and beliefs in the region.

Ocalan appealed to the Armenian people not to fall into traps of racism or nationalism and to stay away from the forces of global capitalism and deceptive goals of lobbies; “the goal of the struggle for freedom which is fought by the Kurdish people aims at restoring the injustices of the Armenian people and aims at ensuring equality among all nations living on this land. The founding of the Republic based on democratic foundations will ensure free life for all various components in society”.

Mr. Ocalan also recalled the legacy of the Armenian journalist Hrant Dink and extended a peaceful greeting to all nations and in particular to the Armenian people.

The “Azadiya Lawn Kurdistan” Organization reassures its support for the revolution in Rojava

Sulaimaniya – The Azadiya Lawn Kurdistan organization held a press conference in the city of Sulaimaniya to emphasize the organization’s support for the revolution in Rojava. The event was attended by representatives of several political parties including the leader of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) “Mullah Bakhtiar” who gave a speech in which he stressed the support for the Rojava revolution and the assurance that they would work to resolve disagreements between the political parties.

Families of martyrs Conference

Al-Hasakah: the Families of martyr’s foundation held a second conference in Al-Hasakah city with the attendance of the families of martyrs in the city of Al-Hasakah and its villages.

Proposals which were approved during the conference:

1- An album would be released dedicated to the martyrs of the Al-Hasakah region.

2-The annual commemoration of the martyrs will be held with different activities.

3- Members who have administrative tasks at other institutions have a duty to support and assist the institution.

4- Work on naming schools, community centers and public spaces after names of martyrs.

At the end of the conference 15 members of the organization were elected to manage the institution. Luqman Hussein and Fatima Sheikhmous were elected as officials of the institution.

Educational and cultural events

Girke Lege : In the framework of the activities undertaken by the Federation of Women’s, Star Academy a training course was opened in the town of Rimelan for members of the municipality under the slogan “People’s municipal management vanguard by women” to train and educate women members in administration practices.

Qamishlo : the first Kurdish language institution in Rojava which began teaching Kurdish at the start of the revolution in Rojava has been able to teach thousands of students their mother tongue in schools competent in the Kurdish language. Its next step will be to enhance their efforts of teaching to make Kurdish the official language in the region.

Aleppo : The Kurdish language Foundation in Aleppo distributed certificates of the second level in the Kurdish language to students who have passed the tests after attending courses which have lasted nearly two months. The certificates were handed out during a ceremony attended students and their families.


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