8 December 2019|Peace in Kurdistan Campaign

Journalist Alaettin Sinayic speaks to Baroness Christine Blower who has been recently appointed to the House of Lords. They discuss the upcoming general elections as well issues being overshadowed by the constant reference to Brexit, such as health, social care, education, climate justice and the ‘Green New Deal’. She also said that while members of the press may not get what Labour’s Brexit policies are about they are in fact “very clear to anyone who has actually read it”. A Corbyn government will seek to renegotiate the current deal, which the Baroness called “terrible”. Following which there would be another referendum within six months with the newly negotiated “better deal” with a “soft Brexit” or “remain”.

Christine Blower, Baroness Blower of Starch Green (born 20 April 1951), was the eleventh General Secretary of the National Union of Teachers, a trade union representing qualified teachers across England and Wales. In March 2018, she stood for election and was shortlisted for the position of the Labour Party‘s General Secretary. She is the Vice Chair of the pressure group Unite Against Fascism. She is also the co-convenor of the Freedom for Ocalan Campaign and a patron of Peace in Kurdistan.