The Turkish state is now intensifying the massacres to which it is subjecting civilians in Afrin. The Turkish State has sped up the ethnic cleansing in Kurdish city of Afrin by exploiting the opportunity that has arisen from the withdrawal of SDF, YPJ and YPG, who had intended to prevent harm to the civilians and even bigger massacres.
The real aim of the Turkish State is to eliminate the Kurdish people altogether and to prevent any political status for them. It is obvious from their practice in the invasion of Afrin that the Turkish State will continue its policy of ethnic cleansing with all the jihadist murderous gangs with which it is in alliance.
The state terror being perpetrated by the Turkish State and the barbarism of the jihadist with whom it is aligned is taking place before the eyes of the whole world. All international forces and primarily the USA, Russia, the EU and the UN are responsible for this invasion and the ethnic cleansing.
Humanitarian support for Afrin
The hundreds of thousands of civilians who are forced to flee from the barbarism of Turkish State in Afrin are left to their own devices on the roads without any aid provided to them.  Hundreds of thousands of civilians and especially women and children are facing a major humanitarian disaster. The humanitarian needs of these people are not addressed and the world is watching this. The international forces who remain silent, thus approving of the massacre and invasion of Turkish State, are not even helping the hundreds of thousands of people who have been forced into exodus.
The invasion of Afrin is a shame for humanity. The heroic forces of the Kurdish YPG, YPJ and SDF forces whilst carrying out their duties were not just defending Afrin but also defending democracy, freedom, values and the honour of humanity.
Urgent call to the government, political parties, human rights organisations, unions, and international institutions and community:

  • Standing up to the Turkish State terror is a humanitarian duty.
  • Providing help to those hundreds of thousands of people trying to escape from the Turkish Persecution is the responsibility of the international forces.
  • The Turkish forces of invasion should be forced to withdraw immediately, and the Turkish State should be tried for their crimes perpetrated against humanity.
  • End to all arms deals and political partnerships with authoritarian regimes such as Turkey in the Middle East
  • Support for the democratic forces and peace efforts of the DFNS for a free, democratic Syria