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The Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) has marked its 25th anniversary, reflecting on its mission to unify Kurds and advocate for their rights since 1999. Highlighting historical struggles and resilience, the KNK noted milestones like the formation of the Kurdistan Parliament Abroad and its establishment in Amsterdam.

24 May 2024 | Medya News

The Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) has marked its 25th anniversary with a statement reflecting on its history and ongoing struggle for Kurdish unity and freedom. Since its establishment on 24 May 1999, the KNK has aimed to unify Kurds and other communities of Kurdistan, advocating for their rights and liberation.

The statement acknowledges the historical hardships faced by the Kurdish people, including massacres and the partitioning of their lands through international agreements such as the Treaty of Qasr-i Shirin, the Sykes-Picot Agreement, and the Treaty of Lausanne. Despite these adversities, the Kurdish spirit of resistance has remained unbroken.

“With this courage and bravery, they have not surrendered to the fate that has been decided for them,” the statement reads, highlighting the enduring resilience of the Kurdish people. It also reflects on the critical periods of Kurdish resistance: “The ’70s were the years of revival struggle. The ’80s were the years of raising the flag of liberation and freedom. The ’90s were the years of legendary resistance.”

Key historical milestones highlighted in the statement include the formation of the Kurdistan Parliament Abroad (PKDW) in 1995, which laid the groundwork for the KNK. Following the ideas and wishes of Abdullah Öcalan, the KNK was officially established in Amsterdam in 1999. The Congress has since become a crucial platform for discussing Kurdish issues and fostering internal and external diplomacy.

Over the past 25 years, the KNK has made significant strides in promoting Kurdish unity and cultural identity. Initiatives such as the Kurdish Language Festival have become annual celebrations, strengthening national pride. The KNK has also been instrumental in advocating for gender equality and the rights of all communities within Kurdistan.

Reflecting on its achievements, the statement notes, “The KNK, as a national and patriotic agency, has done important work over the last 25 years. The memory and the will of the internal unity were raised, and the internal dialogue strengthened.”

The statement concludes with a call for continued unity and perseverance. “The future of Kurdistan is bright,” it asserts, urging all Kurds to see the cause of Kurdistan as “bigger than themselves” and to support the realisation of “the great internal unity so that the achievements of Kurdistan will be permanent and guaranteed for future generations.”

The organisation honoured the contributions of all who have supported the Kurdish cause and dedicated the 25th anniversary to Abdullah Öcalan, who remains incommunicado in Turkey’s İmralı Island Prison. The KNK reiterates its commitment to achieving a united and free Kurdistan, emphasising that “there is a place for all Kurds under the KNK umbrella”.

See the website for the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) here: http://www.kongrakurdistan.eu/