Kurdish people who have been protesting the invasion of Afrin by Turkish State and its affiliate jihadi groups, an invasion which was practically approved by the silence of the USA, the EU and the UN and proactively by Russia. Kurdish People and their friends have now commenced activities to raise awareness to break the silence of the same western powers towards the situation. The Kurdish people and their friends are calling on these western powers to take urgent practical measures and get into action.

Afrin is a city where hundreds of thousands of Kurds and internally displaced Arabs due to the civil war in Syria have been living in peace for the last 7 years and the world has been silent to the state terror perpetrated by the Turkish State who attacked this city.

The invasion of Afrin is revenge for ISIS and revenge for Turkey who supports ISIS

The Kurdish People and especially the Kurdish forces SDF, YPG and YPJ have been heroically fighting against IS terror and just as they were on the brink of finishing them off the Turkish State attacked the Kurds with the jihadists made from the residuals of IS. This is a matter of shame for the western world. Whilst with the sacrifice of thousands of young female and male warriors Kurdish people have virtually finished off IS thus preventing the massacres that could be carried out by these groups in western countries, the very same countries have now left the Kurds alone faced with Turkish State terror.

The Kurdish people have heroically struggled with their honour and life for the sake of humanity but now face great terror, ethnic cleansing and invasion attacks. This is a shameful situation for the of Western World.

  • These states must take clear practical steps to secure an end to this invasion and withdrawal of the Turkish State and its affiliated jihadi terror groups from Afrin

  • Urgent humanitarian aid should be supplied to the hundreds of thousand civilians fleeing Turkish State terror

  • The Turkish State and its affiliate jihadi terror groups should urgently be tried in courts for the crimes that they committed against humanity

  • Clear steps should be taken for the official representation of the Kurdish People to be present on the Syria Solution Platforms.


Kurdish People have commenced hunger strikes and sit-in protests around the world precisely for the purpose of getting support for these demands.

  • In GENEVA an INDEFINITE HUNGER STRIKE has been commenced by 45 people in front of the UN Building, amongst which are elected parliamentarians, co-mayors, intellectuals and a sports personality called Deniz Naki.  This activity is being supported by hundreds of people on a daily basis.
  • In BRUSSELS a SIT-DOWN PROTEST by the Afrin Platform continues along with the representatives of 94 associations and the public in front of the European Parliament.
  • In ATHENS a HUNGER STRIKE has been initiated by 50 people, mostly formed by the Afrinian families in front of the Parliament.
  • In STOCKHOLM a HUNGER STRIKE has been initiated with the participation of 50 people by the Kurds and the representatives of associations that are friendly to the Kurds.
  • In LONDON a SIT-DOWN PROTEST is ongoing by hundreds of people in front of the Prime Minister’s Office.
  • In front of the BERLIN PARLIAMENT a SIT-DOWN PROTEST is ongoing by hundreds of people.
  • In front of the FINNISH PARLIAMENT a SIT-DOWN PROTEST is ongoing by hundreds of people.

Additionally, the start of a GLOBAL ACTION Campaign will be made on 24 March with mass demonstrations for Afrin. This campaign s supported by famous personalities, politicians, trade unionists, NGO representatives, women’s movements, political parties, academics and activists from around the world.