In the past few decades, the Islamic Republic of Iran has dominated all corners of society, stifling any voice of freedom. Since last year and following the intensification of confrontation with the world, especially with the Trump administration, Iran found itself under a new wave of sanctions. Now, it has reached the level of failing to provide the initial needs of society. The corruptive character of the Iranian state and the domination of the economic system by a group of governmental mafias have led the country’s wealth to be taken away by a few.

Employment and freedom are two complementary concepts, none of which are present for the peoples of Iran. It is obvious the fuel price hike was only an excuse for the current popular uprising, as the peoples of Iran and especially the people of East Kurdistan are fed up with this theocratic regime.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is a crisis-producing regime, as it sees its existence in crisis. There is a very few regional crises which do not bear the fingers of the Iranian regime. As a result of this, we now see how the peoples of Iran pay the price for the wrong politics of their statesmen. Sound reason should have obliged the Iranian authorities to look at their history from which to draw lesson. Yet, in the fortieth anniversary of the Islamic Republic, they have pushed the country to the edge of precipice. The country is now experiencing the darkest days in its history.

Corruption, embezzlement, despotism, and uncountability are the major characteristics of the Iranian regime. Instead of taking accountability and trying to find solution to the peoples’ problems, the Iranian authorities have resorted to the classic and authoritarian methods of imprisonment and killing. The killing of the frustrated peoples of Iran and Kurdistan present yet another example of the failure of this regime.

The freedom-seeking peoples of Iran should know that their victory is hidden in unity with the people of East Kurdistan and other parts of Kurdistan who have valuable experiences of freedom-struggle, which can be taken advantage of in the service of humanity. The Fars people should know that it may benefit in short term from the exploitation of the Kurds, but in the long term it would not; the interests of all lay in a common struggle waged for the achievement of equality and justice.

Along with extending our solidarity and support to the uprising of the peoples of Iran and East Kurdistan, the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) deems legitimate the peoples’ demands, which are the consequence of decades of negligence of the Iranian regime. The Iranian authorities must immediately stop the killing of the peoples and see the true that the future belongs to the peoples not to the despots.

Condemning the crimes of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the KNK extends its condolences to the families of those who lost their lives in this wave of legitimate protests, and calls upon the Kurds of other parts of Kurdistan to support this popular uprising.

At this critical juncture, it is incumbent upon all political parties in East Kurdistan to set aside their ideological differences and support their people with a unified stance, and neutralize the plots of the Iranian regime.

The Kurdistan National Congress (KNK)