7 October 2014


We must act now to prevent an imminent massacre in Kobane!


As we write, the terrorist organization IS is advancing in to the city of Kobane in Western Kurdistan (Northern Syria) and they have already entered some districts of the city.


The Kurdish defence forces, the YPG, are heroically defending the city and civilians against the IS attacks, with very limited weapons and no technical support against IS’ advanced artillery. The YPG’s equipment is not effective against the heavy weapons that IS confiscated from Iraq’s regular army.


Thousands of civilians in Kobane are under the imminent threat of massacre. Thousands of civilians on the Turkish border are also under the threat of systematic attacks by IS.


Chairman of Kobane Canton, Mr. Enver Muslim, warned the international powers about the threat two days ago. He called on the international coalition to break their silence and stated; “If IS enters Kobane and commits a massacre of thousands of people all international powers will be held responsible.”


Thousands of people are about to be murdered and massacred before our eyes.  

We must act now to prevent an imminent massacre in Kobane!


Kurdistan National Congress